How To Prevent Menopause Weight Gain?

Female bare feet with weight scale in the bathroom

Prevent Menopause Weight Gain, Hot Flashes and Depression Too! If you’re a woman in your forties or fifties, you might have noticed a couple of extra inches around your waist. You may thank menopause for it. During the transition into menopause, many women find that losing weight is quite hard, and they also observe a change in weight from their hips and thighs for their stomachs.

Weight gain

Menopause weight gain, particularly in the abdomen, is a standard part of the symptoms of menopause, but it doesn’t need to be inevitable. There are many different simple ways to stop menopause weight gain: Among the simplest and first steps you can take is to reduce weight gain before it begins. Starting in your thirties, it is an outstanding idea to pay additional attention to your diet and workout plan.

Try to stick to a healthy, low-calorie, nutrient rich diet and increase the amount of exercise you get. As your metabolism slows with age, you’re probably going to need about 200 fewer calories every day. At the time of life, your body will tend to burn fewer calories and eliminate muscle mass. To combat this we recommend adding or improving aerobic exercise and include weight training into your routine. Both are beneficial in preventing mid-life weight gain.

Weight gain isn’t just uncomfortable, but it also can result in more serious health issues. Menopause itself may be a factor in cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and cancer. But menopause weight gain increases the odds of these conditions. Anything you can do to stop midlife weight gain will have enormous positive influences on lifelong general wellbeing. Preventing weight gain will also decrease the apparent connection between menopause and depression.

Take note

Many experts recommend a holistic approach to jump start your metabolism. Start with a great detox cleansing and combine that with healthy eating and proper exercise to loosen up and flush both the fat and the toxins in exactly the exact same time. This is quite important as toxins are stored in fat cells, and girls subconsciously carry more fat than men do. Studies show that we also carry more toxins – that makes us particularly susceptible to various womens’ cancers and also makes it harder for our bodies to get rid of excess fat.

That having been said, a HUGE idea for you is to think about giving up or greatly reducing sugar in your diet – this is a fantastic place for you to begin since one of the main hormones in your body is INSULIN. If your body has too much insulin this will throw off your hormonal balance. And if one hormone is away – they are all off. Your hormones work together and actually speak to one another. So if you are eating a diet packed with sugar, processed foods and substances, your insulin increases – and weight gain is going to be the outcome.

Hormonal balance

Hormonal balance helps lead to greater menopause relief – from hot flashes, weight gain and depression, particularly. Those wicked three are greatly hormone-driven, so once you get proper nutrition, regular exercise AND include prostate care supplements, you may make leaps and bounds towards earning your menopause a positive experience. Valerie Martinez is your co-founder of “Women’s Health Made Simple”, your online digital nutritionist for all things about natural health for women. Read our website, watch our videos, look up your symptom or concern, and locate HELP for your HEALTH today!