How To Take Care Of My Hormones?

middle-aged woman

No cure for happy hormones are complete without mentioning other ways besides nutritional supplements which can help you get through the ups and downs of hormone alterations. One of the MAIN ways you can help your hormones remain balanced is to get your nutrition and weight on a healthy track. Doing this can allow you to prevent the weight gain which could be so common during the years leading up to and including menopause.

Healthy Lifestyle

Even when you’re nowhere close to menopause, eating properly and getting regular exercise will burst your energy and improve your general health, and help you lose any unwanted pounds you might have been carrying around. Of course it is sometimes easier said than done, but decent nutrition or “eating healthy” does not need to be hard. By encouraging your health through good nutrition it will positively affect your hormonal balance – which is vital in managing PMS and menopausal symptoms.

Listed below are guidelines which, if followed, will greatly enhance your wellbeing, increase your energy, reduce weight reduction, fight disease and improve your ability to keep balanced happy hormones.

Let’s understand it

The reason is that American cows continue to be fed corn and other ground-up diseased animals to fatten them up for the marketplace (which then makes them sick because it’s a vegetarian animal which needs to be grazing). Additionally, despite public outcry, they’re still being pumped with antibiotics and growth hormones – and all this winds up on your plate. So if you are going to eat beef, at least eat healthful beef.

Many of the above reasons apply to poultry too. Many chicken farmers maintain the cows so fattened up with corn feed they can’t walk past a couple of steps before they must put back down again. And we wonder why America has an obesity issue. Wild caught fish feed in their natural food resources, and they have the advantage of constant exercise. Farmed fish such as Tilapia, often reside in crowded ponds without a lot of motion, also since the conditions are poor, they are usually given antibiotics too.


Avoid pesticide and herbicide traces that not only are on the surface of non-organic produce, but also sucked up into the plant itself. MANY times the nutrients than conventional produce. You can look up the Rutgers university research to determine how vast the gap is. Lignans are hormone-like compounds found in Flaxseed oil which may support women’s health by keeping healthy circulating levels of women’s sex hormones, which might benefit menopausal symptoms.

No man-made fats!! Whenever we as a society believe we could”improve” upon nature, we get into trouble. After all, it came to light many years after that while all of us thought we were doing well by eating margarine, it was we had been poisoning ourselves with trans-fats. Wonderful sources of dense nutrients and protein. Basically the reasons why all fall under the same umbrella: the continuous use of chemicals, preservatives, artificial this and that, dyes, poor kinds of fats are all conspiring against you and your wellbeing.


Your hormones can’t do their job if you are putting junk in your trunk! Sugary foods and trans-fats won’t just wind up on your hips additionally, it will disrupt your hormones. Keeping you from the young energy and health you desire. Eating REAL food which hasn’t had all of the life squeezed out of it by being processed to departure can allow you to reconstruct your body’s biochemicals.

You may stay younger looking, have better health and energy if you consume real whole foods. If you change your diet, you may change your life – and the second half is going to be better than the first! These statements haven’t been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products aren’t meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.