How To Conquer Menopause?

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How to Feel Great, Look Great and Thrive Before, During and After Menopause! Every girl reaches a stage where her body begins to transition. This time may be a wonderful period of personal growth and renewed energies. It may also be a mix of several nagging physical and mental/emotional symptoms together with positive, empowering changes. For many women this time can be a living nightmare. Your energy can plummet.


Your good moods and psychological stability can begin giving way to frustrations, anxieties, irritability, depression, and even depression. And god forbid if your skin starts shifting, your hair begins thinning and your buttocks, thighs, buttocks and stomach begin expanding. Then there’s the chance of hot flashes, night sweats, breast tenderness, difficulty sleeping, loss of sexual drive, sore joints and muscles, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, indigestion, bloating, headaches and the torture goes on! Some transition!

What’s designed by Mother Nature to be an empowering, rejuvenating process for girls can become a physical, psychological and emotional train wreck. There’s nothing more empowering than being a living example and with a sense of purpose. Your life is going to radically change for the better! That said, let’s begin. Wherever you turn you will not be given a detailed plan that clearly outlines why you have so many symptoms before, during and after menopause and how to revive and rejuvenate your physical, mental and emotional well being.


Alternative doctors like Naturopaths, Acupuncturist and Chiropractors do provide much safer suggestions and remedies. However, they rarely address the actual causes and they contradict each other so often it is possible to end up more frustrated and confused then when you began. The major business of the diet industry, the nutritional supplement industry and the world wide web is now a marketing and media circus. They’re masters at over promising and under delivering.

Great for them, exhausting, overwhelming and expensive for you. At the moment I have something I wish to give you. Well actually we wish to offer you. For 13 years I ran over 1200 interviews with the world’s best health experts on my radio program called”The Nature of Health.” The subject matter based around Natural Medicine and women’s health, men’s health, children’s health and seniors wellness. Definitely the most discussed topic was women’s health! I covered topics like weight gain, menopause, hormone replacement, chronic fatigue, depression, PMS, osteoporosis, sleep issues, breast health, cardiovascular disease, hysterectomies, mammograms, urinary tract disease, diet, stress and exercise.

Every interview gave me a progressively clearer picture of the challenges confronting girls. The specialists I had been interviewing approached things quite differently from mainstream medicine and many of alternative medicine. And they had little tolerance for the diet and nutritional supplement industries. The specialists”in the know” know what a deceptive media circus it has become.

One thing for certain, the men and women who really understand how to help you do not have a mainstream media voice and therefore are not being heard. What’s Happening To Me? Perhaps you have asked yourself that question? How would you rate your quality of life at this time on a scale of 1-10? How much is passing you by because draining and annoying symptoms are dragging you down? You might not know why your body and mind are beginning to betray you? What I am about to say could not just prevent plenty of future misery it might well save your life! You’re not supposed to suffer with a laundry list of symptoms which ruin the quality of your life.

Keep in mind

Everything from unexplained weight gain, skin changes, and baldness to stress, depression and hot flashes are a very clear and certain metabolic wake up call. Your metabolism is unraveling and with it comes hormonal imbalance and changes in brain chemistry which can and will make your life everywhere from somewhat uncomfortable to a living nightmare. Right this is the moment that you find out how and why we can assist you when all else has failed.

This is where we depart “conventional thinking” behind and put you in the drivers seat of a brand new life. You must heal your metabolism! Metabolism is mostly controlled by hormones. Powerful, quick acting, regenerating and repairing, top priority, life and death controlling hormones! And since NOBODY is telling you this, you keep running into a empty promise and collapse after the next!


You’re going to learn the difference between your major and minor hormones. Priority is the secret! And that understanding is all about to change your life! The significant hormones are Insulin, Adrenalin and Cortisol. They’re the dominant hormones that control your metabolism. They’re the dominant hormones which control the stress response. An imbalance in the significant hormones is connected to heart disease, diabetes, cancer and several other serious ailments and diseases.

When these significant hormones are out of balance, the small hormones are also out of equilibrium. The small hormones are Estrogen, Progesterone, Thyroid, Testosterone, HGH (Human Growth Hormone) DHEA and many others. The small hormones are also very important for your health and wellbeing but they play a lesser role. They help control your metabolism, help in regeneration, reproduction and a number of other important functions. However, the imbalances, excesses or deficiencies of small hormones don’t have the exact devastating effects to your metabolism and health as the significant hormones. You might need assistance with your small hormones.

They might have to be replaced temporarily or for the rest of your life. We’ll help you realize how to ascertain that. However the best way to balance small hormones would be to concentrate first on balancing the significant hormones. The failure of Alternative and mainstream medicine and the diet and nutritional supplement business is because they don’t focus on balancing the significant hormones! Since an imbalance in important hormones is the most important source of deficiencies or imbalances in small hormones then brace yourself for a flood of physical and mental/emotional symptoms which will feast on your wellbeing. And listen to this. Are you dealing with stubborn, unexplained weight gain? These very powerful significant hormones determine whether you store fat or burn it.


These significant hormones also determine in which the fat is stored and whether you can burn off that fat from the places in the body that it accumulates. The more imbalanced these hormones become the longer you save fat and the less you burn fat. They are so powerful you could eat celery and workout 8 hours a day and never lose an ounce when the imbalance is severe enough.