Does Vitamin D Help Against Flu?

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As we approach the upcoming flu season a lot of individuals have become concerned about the coming swine flu. WHO has announced a Pandemic Level 6 and mass vaccines are ordered for the whole world. I’ve never been a fan of vaccines back in May when the flu began to arrive at the news I started exploring all the possible ways to develop an additional strong immune system.

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The information that I am presenting isn’t a replacement for a vaccine or a guarantee that you won’t catch a virus but an alternative through organic method to boost the strength of your immune system. Many individuals have already begun a daily regimen of Vitamin C and Echinacea. I also found that Vitamin D has been also being added to their daily immune system construction cocktail.

Vitamin D Can Help Against Flu? In my research to find out more and find different items that may assist I started coming across several articles on Vitamin D and how it can help against the flu. Many individuals have now taken this advice and decided they were going to bring a supplemental amount of Vitamin D for their diets. The information is not proven but it was compelling enough to me to include an excess dose of Vitamin D to my daily regimen.

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How Vitamin D possibly helping. In more recent posts studies lab work shows that lack of vitamin D is associated with a lesser generation of an antimicrobial peptide called hCAP-18. This is a protein that works with immune-system cells to kill all those pesky pathogens. In summary, people with Vitamin D deficiencies have immune systems which don’t operate too. The thing you may discover the most shocking is that most people may actually have a Vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D is a really important nutrient that is found in very low amounts in our food. Milk was fortified with Vitamin D but it only has about 100iu’s per serving. Our bodies can produce enormous amounts of Vitamin D through exposure to sunlight but the present recommendations on sun are to limit your vulnerability and cover up with sunscreen. So unless you’re continuously exposing yourself to the sun, eating enormous quantities of salmon and herring, or drinking a great deal of milk every day, then you may be deficient in Vitamin D and a greater risk to catching flu viruses.


Recent trials are taking place to determine what occurs when subjects are given 1,200 to 2,000 iu’s per day. The present recommendation is 200-600 iu’s per day. There are people taking as large as 5,000 to 10,000 iu’s per day to develop their existing blood levels in preparation for the influenza season. I’m not going to make any recommendations as the best approach to discover how much you need is through blood work to get the perfect level you would have to work with your physician.

As times change, our environment gets more poisonous, and science improvements I feel that the levels of vitamins and minerals should be assessed. What was great 50 years ago is not necessarily still good enough to the continuous changes we face. If you’re are interested in boosting your vitamin D consumption you may find Vitamin D in any local drug store or nutrition store. It’s a fantastic idea to speak with your physician about what levels are ideal for you. The influenza season is approaching so do it today by building your immune system.