How To Take Care Of Your Femininity?

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The soul of femininity is generous, graceful, nurturing, supportive, sensitive, intuitive, and oriented towards love and attention. Despite all these amazing features, feminine energy, particularly as it pertains to sexuality, has been suppressed, condemned, and vilified on a worldwide scale for centuries.

Let’s understand it

It’s no surprise, then, that so often we associate shame, fear, and guilt with sexuality and sex. Through reawakening our female energy, we can learn how to celebrate our femininity in all its forms and bring more joy and closeness into our own lives and with ourselves. Reintegrating our religious and sexual selves is a significant first step in rediscovering our female self.

Our civilization’s separation of both of these aspects could be an ill-conceived view and so counter to fostering well-being, health, and joy in our bodies, hearts, and spirits. When we bring conscious awareness to the integration of the sexual with the religious and the religious with the sexual, we come back to a sense of wholeness within.

Good to know

To be able to permit healing to occur, we’ve developed a specific healing practice for the girl which provides her with a rediscovery of her sexual-spiritual link by instructing her to clear cubes, residual memories, and perspectives that no longer serve her. The term healing is used here concerning letting go of what keeps her from being completely integrated and whole. She might get in contact with experiences from earlier times in her life which may trigger an emotional procedure.

Energetic blocks, memories, or unpleasant feelings which might have been saved as residual memories on the cellular level of the yoni or vaginal walls could be published so healing can occur and the experience of unity, joy, and harmony inside herself may appear. When Kristy learned about this clinic, she was afflicted by gynecological complications like recurring yeast infections for several years, which made sex extremely painful.

Keep in mind

She shared that she felt like a “broken” girl and wanted to explore ways in which she could express her sexual self despite her bodily concerns. She entered the girl’s healing workshop feeling nervous, uptight, scared to start up, and afraid to trust. When it came to selecting a partner for the prep recovery clinic, she partnered with a supportive and attentive guy. She experienced him as individual and believed that she could gradually open up and start to trust.

Final note

The most impactful experience of the healing ritual was the first time Kristy believed her male partner was only present with and for her, absent of any schedule of his own or expectations of her. Being in this area of presence and acceptance, she could let go of the shame and guilt connected with her yoni and discharge her despair and frustration with all the pain she was experiencing. Following the workshop, Kristy felt a feeling of aliveness, an internal groundedness, and a newfound confidence she hadn’t had before. To her surprise, lots of her bodily pelvic pain subsided and the frequent headaches that had plagued her.