Is The Rise Of Womanhood Now?

What do I mean by increase of womanhood? Before getting into the specifics of the question let me greet you. Hi how are you? I am positive you must do well and you have to be feeling extremely happy and content from deep inside. You understand even I am feeling just the same.

What is happening?

That’s the way most of us should feel as that is the only way to become “one with nature” and bring a great deal of positivity in our lives. But for any reason if you’re feeling low, lonely, stressed out or distressed, do not worry. It happens and it is a phase that everyone goes through. Even I’ve gone through it. Now allow me to tell you the reason I am communicating to you.

I am communicating to inform you that it is time for a new start, a new thinking based on the increase of womanhood. The Dictionary meaning of womanhood signifies the coming of age of a woman in the physical sense. But here when I am talking about the increase of womanhood I mean a good deal more. I mean the growth of this “character” of womanhood from the physical, psychological, intellectual and the spiritual awareness. Womanhood is that divine part of character which personifies love, compassion, nurturing, healing and unification of forces.

Additionally it is a feeling of deep consciousness of the huge universe that’s in us and the ever expanding world that’s around us. Womanhood is that stirring which establishes “a link” between our inner self and the outside surroundings. It’s sense of balance and oneness with nature. It’s feeling of universal freedom that’s creative, constructive & generative in character.


Womanhood is to fly as a bee in a gorgeous garden filled with flowers or soar in the sky and fly like a swan crossing different lands and oceans. It’s a sense of freedom, joy and fun and it is an attitude to live a life to the fullest for the sake of your own self as well as others. In this world of ruthless action, selfishness and unabashed individualism the heart of womanhood brings a wave of welcome change with the concept of universal love, compassion, healing and nurturing.

It’s a unifying force that shows the way to link back to our soul and a means to live a life that’s purposeful and meaningful for us and the world at large. Womanhood signifies a new start, it signifies birth and it reveals the eternal truth that basically this world is creative and generative in character and everything that’s there and everything that occurs in this world though random has a goal. In that sense that which has to be accepted if it’s good or bad, weak or strong with the consciousness that poor can be transformed into good and the weak can become powerful with the touch of love, empathy, healing & nurturing.

Womanhood is basically an integral feature of the female gender but now time has come for the transcendence and increase of womanhood above sex, race, religion, caste or any other social or political structures. For this to occur the womenfolk need to come together and maintain as a collective force in all aspects of life whether it be the social, economic, political or spiritual aspect of life.

Get balance

This is needed to bring the balance in the world that’s moving towards absolute chaos and uncertainty due to a patriarchal order based on electricity and ruthless action. Today, in the event you closely analyze you’ll find everything to be so unreal and fake and every aspect about our society and the world appears to be so negative and manipulative. Just detach yourself from it all for a moment, suspend yourself over all of this and then look downwards. How do you feel today? What can you see below?

Death in the shape of the physical, intellectual, psychological and spiritual illness, selfishness, hatred, corruption, power politics, manipulations, exploitations, unabashed self-oriented materialism, never ending consumption of natural resources, lack of caring for others, superficial projections, dearth of creativity, fearfulness, caste trademarks and spiritual equations. The source of all these negativity is that the excess projection of the masculine principle.

It’s so accurate that Mars who represents men is indeed foolish by disposition which he’s only concerned with war, death and mayhem. Mars needs the grace of the female to become logical and balanced. So buddy, as a Woman it’s in your hand to bring the soothing and calming effect of the womanhood for the sake of the full humankind, the nature and the world. For this you want to understand your inner self. You want to rekindle the womanhood and the female principle that’s naturally a vital part of you. You want to manifest the female energy unto this world to restore the balance that’s so much needed.

What do you want?

You want to rise together with your sisters as a frequent force of sisterhood to deliver a sustained and long term shift in the world. Without this happening the world is doomed to get a terrible fate. Awakening the female principle awakens the super conscious mind. This is unlike the masculine principle that resides in the reptilian brain and the subconscious mind.

The feminine principle accounts for the larger world view, is accountable for compassion, love, healing and nurturing resulting in the unification of forces. Combining this natural power of the female that’s bestowed in you with the positive masculine force of activity may cause profound change in you, the world and the world. For this to occur you want to live a fuller life encompassing a lot more than only a professional life or a private life that focuses on self-interest.

You want to transcend your self-oriented alive to set up a bigger purpose of life that involves you and many others in the society. This can enable you to get in touch with your spirit and live a fuller life in accordance with the desire of your heart and your spirit. Then you’ll start enjoying the manifestation of the female principle in your life. You’ll start getting inclined to creative forces of nature such as the artwork & the sciences, dance, music, style and the enormous positive energy of sex whereby you may attain the bliss of becoming one with nature. You’ll begin living a healthy life using a idea of fitness that encompasses not just the physical fitness but also the psychological, intellectual, emotional and spiritual fitness. This type of life becomes very light and a entire celebration.


Further this will make you likely to live a balanced lifestyle and even in the dominating aspect of your life whether professional or personal you may use more imagination for fulfillment and satisfaction. Over that your life will be no longer monotonous with only 1 area of attention but it is going to encompass a number of other beautiful things this life offers. Living such a complete life will make you consciously or subconsciously move towards your final purpose of life which you’ve chosen in accordance with your soul needs. Moreover you may develop a bigger world view and you’ll feel as positively helping others around you to come out of the negativity and issues they face in their lifetime.

Then you’ll truly understand the value of the growth of womanhood and the female in your life in addition to the importance of transmitting the same to the people around you and the world. Awakening the feminine principle can allow you to recognize the present reality of the world that’s so full of selfishness and negative energy. You will become aware of the devilish forces of the patriarchal society which we live in and how it’s trying to control us overtly or covertly in many facets of our life.

You’ll also begin enjoying the actual problems faced by the men in the society and you’ll discover ways how you can assist them if on your family or the society. You’ll be also able to provide a new meaning to an institution such as marriage. Above all you will end up obviously the messenger of the supreme force on your right and you will move towards becoming one with the ultimate force. You’ll also appreciate the fact of death that’s only an illusion in this ever evolving journey of your soul. As you shall begin enjoying the illusion of death you’ll also know the meaning of authentic creative and generative liberty of life which emerges from deep inside you.

You will naturally transmit this to other people around you. The more you spread the universal concept of activity with compassion and love, the more you’ll be aided by nature to move towards your final purpose of life whereby you will obtain salvation and enlightenment in this life or in the maximum you will take birth for another life time to complete your unfinished agenda. But something will be sure.


With internal awakening you’d have irreversibly started moving according to the wishes of the character and no force in the world will be able to prevent you from achieving your ultimate purpose in life. As you will begin walking through this route of self-discovery and self-awareness supported by your instinct i.e. the soul’s voice, you’ll get the traditional structures of the world around you falling apart and crumbling. In such times of transition you’ll also realize that new structures and new starts are taking shape in your life for positive and generative change all around. This will be the growth of womanhood in true sense.