¿Existen diferentes soluciones para el tratamiento de la menopausia?

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There are three ways a woman can get herself through the ups and down of menopause. The first is by simply living through the process and trying not to take anything, the majority of women don’t find this option much pleasure. The second is to visit the local doctor and ask to be placed on a medication regime.

Efectos secundarios

The issue with artificial drugs is that they can result in some really serious side effects. The next method is with natural menopause treatment alternatives. When a menopausal women goes to her physician and complains about her symptoms that the first thing most doctors will suggest is hormone replacement therapy. The theory behind these treatment plans is that they can help balance the hormone levels in a woman’s body and lessen the intensity of her menopausal symptoms.

While the remedies do usually alleviate the symptoms, hormone replacement therapy isn’t without some risk. Since the beginning of perimenopause usually means that the ovaries are beginning to shut down, in addition, it means that the woman isn’t generating the estrogen and proestrogen her body is used to.


The intention of the hormone replacement therapy would be to compensate for the loss. The thing is that there have been several quite severe side effects which have been linked directly to hormone replacement treatment. Women who indulge in hormone replacement therapy are more prone to developing blood clots, gall bladder disease, raising blood pressure, strokes, breast cancer and endometrial cancer.

The severity of the possible side effects often is sufficient to have the girl reconsidering and taking a peek in natural remedies. A prescribed hormone replacement therapy is only one choice available to women. Many opt for a more natural method of treating menopause. A growing number of women are looking for natural remedies before they visit the physician.

Natural treatments

These are ideal since they involve things that the woman’s body needs anyway. This means that not only will the woman be relieving her menopausal symptoms but she’ll also be enhancing her overall health. There are numerous unique herbs and natural supplements that a woman can take to compensate for her decreasing levels of estrogen.

Eating a balanced diet will also enhance both her health and disposition. Staying hydrated and sleeping in the exact same room with a desk fan will help her maintain the night sweats at bay and allow her to enjoy a full nights sleep. One of those things that lots of women seem to forget is that just because they can’t feel a symptom doesn’t mean it won’t effect their life.


Among the greatest things that changes during and after midlife is the woman’s bones begin to weaken. The deterioration of the bones may result in all sorts of breakage, shrinking, and pain. The more diligent the girl is all about consuming considerable quantities of calcium the greater her over all health will be.