Which Hormonal Changes Are There During Menopause?

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I’m tired of how I get treated by a few physicians. I go in for a checkup or to ask questions about how awful I’m feeling. Before I can get out exactly what I’m going through, I’m mine told that all girls at my age are going through its own hormones. So, if all girls are going through this they need to have a base level on what my hormones should be at and not disregarded or ignored.


I’m frustrated by the way I’m treated I know something isn’t right and yet they do not take what I am saying severe. The male physicians I have gone to are the worst since they tell me things like, one thing has nothing to do with another, along with your other figures look good so we do not need to conduct test in your hormone levels and this is expected for someone of your age. Why is it that a guy can go to a doctor and say I just have not felt like having sex, so what is wrong with me? He comes home after he’s gone through a complete evaluation and has paperwork to receive his hormone levels checked.

Then to put the cherry on top he’s a script for Calais. Am I crazy! I have hot flashes and no of sex drive and I am intense fatigue. I think that physicians look beyond women concerns and needs once they are finished with childbearing years. I had one doctor that said learn to live with it.We put value in what a doctor tells us. That’s what my friend did when they told her it is only menopause. Oct.10 she had been told she had a brain tumor, the symptoms where similar, and she died six months later. The early indications where similar, but as they got worse they should of went down another path. When I see female doctors they’re more sympathetic and try to give me choices to help me deal.

Why don’t you just run the blood work? Replace what I want to feel better. I understand that there are dangers. Do the test, allow me to feel better by removing all of the things which have exactly the very same symptoms like cancer,organ failure or lyme disease. If I was a guy would there be this query? They provide me a hormone for my thyroidgland. They provide replacements for so many reasons.

Keep in mind

They say you can get cancer, I do not care I feel like I am dying anyhow. I’m enduring all of the symptoms of menopause. Some are worse than others all are poor. Since we’re all different they presume any evaluation will reveal what they all ready know based on the symptoms I describe. Women and hormones are great so long as you are feeling good.Yet women and men aren’t the same and its time that more is done to assist the girls of the age group.

I feel ill and I can not get anybody to listen, they hear what I say, but they are not listening. I’m not my neighbor and she’s not me our hormones are what keep our bodies feeling great and I’m not going to settle. They say if a guy was going through menopause there are a cure for this. My husband is going through it and he is not happy about it either.


My frustration is almost as bad as the hot flashes, sleepless nights, sweats, headaches, fatigue and emotional roller coaster. I’m going back again to find a female physician I have faith that we’ll find this worked out and maintaining a sense of humors helps. There are herbal supplements and home remedies that work for some signs and I find that until you add them to your daily medications speak with your physician. Some herbs interact with drugs they may have prescribed.