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    Martin Castro (48)

    I at the sixth week and already come the first results and the effect…. day by day is getting better. Well tolerated and no side effects. From me a full point.

    Carlos Díaz (36)

    I think Urotrin is the right supplement for me. What I find important is that I do not get heartburn from it. Effective combination of natural ingredients. A good buy recommendation!!!

    Aaron García (60)

    I think it is great that thanks to Urotrin my hormone levels have normalized, the orgasm has a longer duration and intensity. I have only advantages with it, so I continue to buy.

    Louis Davies (75)

    I love it! This sexual enhancer has only natural and vegan ingredients that are also well effective. I am now a sex bomb! 😉 We are thrilled. I always stay with Urotrin.

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    Norbert Harris (32)

    It took just a few days of using to really work. I find myself having to stop for a few days just to allow us some recovery time. Does the job.

    Ulises Jackson (59)

    It increases libido and has instant effects… it is useful after that time of the month. Urotrin has become my necessary daily supplement!

    Viktor Lewis (46)

    So Urotrin keeps what promises and in addition an excellent price / performance ratio. I have found my libido again. I definitely recommend it, have experienced only positive.

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    What are some Facts about the Prostate?

    This gland regulates a lot of male sexual function. It produces prostatic liquid, which is an important component of the male sexual function and contributes to higher fertility. It also has muscles that push the semen out of your body during ejaculation.

    What to know about the Prostate?

    The prostate can help men have more satisfying sexual experiences. It can also be a key component in sexual dysfunctions like loss of erection and ejaculatory problems. The testosterone levels in the testes can have a strong impact on the prostate. The prostate, like many other parts of your body, can become infected by bacteria.

    What causes a Prostatitis?

    The prostate is made up many small sacs that are filled with fluid. As the infection progresses, it can swell and become sealed off. This can make it difficult to urinate, cause pain in your pelvis, and lead to a buildup of prostatic fluid. Prostatitis can cause severe discomfort.

    How to aliviate a Chronic Prostatitis?

    It is recommend massaging the gland internally via the rectum or externally via your perineum. You can reduce swelling, blockages, and discomfort by gently pressing on the prostate gland. You can either have a massage done by a doctor, another medical professional, or yourself at home. This technique is used only for chronic prostatitis.

    What are the Bemefits of Prostate Massage?

    Regular prostate massage can help lower a man's chance of developing prostate cancer. A healthier prostate means easier and more effective ejaculations. Ejaculating regularly can help men prevent cancer, especially as they age. Ejaculating 21 times per month in their 40s was enough to reduce their cancer risk by 60% compared to less active men.

    What to know about Prostate Massage?

    Although a prostate massage is generally beneficial, it can also cause problems. It's important to take your time when performing prostate massages. Only use tools that are specifically designed for this purpose. These include medical prostate massagers as well as aids for "P-spot stimulation."

    How to be prepare for a Prostate Massage?

    Rough massages can cause bleeding, bruising, and other health problems. They can worsen hemorhoids and cause infections. If in doubt, use gentle massage. Gentle massage yields the best results. Before receiving a prostate massage, it is a good idea for you to have a bowel movement.

    How to improve your Sexual Health?

    Regular massage could be beneficial for anyone with a prostate. Stimulating the gland is a great way for men to improve their sexual health, feel more comfortable on a daily basis, and prevent serious problems later in life.

    Why to try a Gentle Prostate Massage?

    Gentle prostate massage can be beneficial for patients with enlarged prostates, those who want to lower their risk of developing cancer, and those who have experienced pelvic discomfort or sexual difficulties. Before you begin, make sure to take the time to research the right technique

    What is Prostate Enlargement?

    Men in their later years of life, especially the geriatric stage, are more likely to experience prostate enlargement. It is most common in men over 50 years old. This is a normal part of aging and there are many treatments available to treat it.

    What causes Prostate Enlargement?

    There is no known cause. It is most common in older men. An obstruction in the urethra and gradual loss of bladder function are the main causes of an enlarged prostate. These symptoms often involve changes in your urination. These symptoms include a slow, irregular, and weak urination.

    Can Saw Palmetto treat Prostate Enlargement?

    Saw palmetto is a common herbal remedy for an enlarged prostate. This herb prevents testosterone from being broken down into another hormone, which speeds up the growth of the prostate gland. This herb is as effective at reducing the prostate gland's size as finasteride. It takes a while for this to work and you may not see any improvement in your symptoms or signs.

    Should you treat a Enlarged Prostate?

    It is important to treat an enlarged prostate early so it doesn't cause more problems. Once you have noticed the symptoms, you should be examined by a doctor to determine the best treatment. It is a normal part of aging. However, it can still be annoying and disrupt your daily life.

    How to define the Prostate?

    It is located just below your bladder. It measures approximately one-and-a half inches by one-and-a half inches. It surrounds the bladder's tube that excretes urine. It is responsible for the production of a fluid that is important in male sexual function.

    The prostate was once described as having "lobes", but we now refer to it as having concentric areas. These zones are both anatomical and histologically important.

    Does the Prostate produce Testosterone?

    Research on prostate disease is hotly focused on hormones, such as testosterone, and how they interact with the gland. The majority of the testosterone produced by the prostate gland is found in male ejaculate. The average volume is approximately 3 ml. It is less than one teaspoon and only 1% is sperm.

    What contains the Male Ejaculate?

    The male ejaculate contains high levels of potassium, zinc, citric acids, and fructose. Prostaglandins are also found in the male ejaculate. Semen also contains many other strange substances. We don't know everything about their purpose or function. T


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