What Should You Know About Women’s History?

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Since 1987 Women’s History Month has been celebrated each March. It’s a time to remember and to celebrate the many ways women have made their mark around the world. There are a number of ways to celebrate, but appreciating a movie is one of the more enjoyable choices.

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These pictures, some based on true events and some fictional, all tell the story of a powerful woman or group of girls. Some simply made private gains, and others used their power to change the lives of many girls. The main character in this movie shows her strength after being mistreated and, later, hunted down by her husband. Tired of fearing for her own life and her daughter’s life, the principal character, Slim, decides to send off her daughter to safety, get training, and fight back against her abusive husband.

Although the abuse in this movie is sad and, unfortunately, occurs too often in actual life; the strength that the main character shows in this movie is inspiring. This movie is based on the true of story of Erin Brockovich, a woman with no formal legal education, who plays a pivotal role in taking on Pacific Gas and Electric Company in a legal case involving contaminated drinking water. The situation involves a cover up by Pacific Gas and Electric Company, that Brockovich finds while employed as a legal clerk.

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She’s convinced there’s something being hidden, perseveres, and ends up making a difference in the lives of many plaintiffs involved in this situation. A League of Their Own is the story of young girls playing baseball at the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. Although the story is fictional, the league was real. In the movie, the girls struggle to be taken seriously as baseball players, and attempt to reconcile a frequent problem women have faced and still struggle with; chasing their dreams and honoring obligations to family.


The Miracle Worker is the story of Helen Keller’s teacher, Annie Sullivan, and the way she managed to break through the young woman who had no language skills. Helen Keller was left blind and deaf after an illness when she was a toddler. Annie Sullivan was relentless in her efforts and managed to open the door to communicating for Keller, allowing her to lead a very successful life. Amelia is based on the famous story of Amelia Earhart. Earhart was the first female pilot to cross the Atlantic sea. Her story is an inspirational one, not simply because of the a number of other documents she set, but due to the long-lasting marks she left on the Earth, and women’s history especially.