How To Keep The Balance?

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Being a mother is one of the most satisfying and rewarding feelings in the world. Parents have an essential role to play in regards to the growth of their child. Being a stay at home mother allows me to have the ability to help my child grow emotionally, physically, socially, and intellectually.

How to start?

I am really thankful that I am allowed to do this because; in the modern day and age women are working full time positions merely to make ends meet. It’s difficult to make the choice to be a stay-at-home mother for some. In the current economical world some girls need to work, but instead they did not, and some women need to work while others get to remain at home with their kids.

My husband and I made the choice prior to our baby boy was born I would be a stay at home mommy. The role that parents play in their children’s life is quite important, particularly for those first five decades. My husband works hard and supports us exceptionally well and we do so by living beneath our means. We don’t go buy every new thing that comes out, nor do we need to get every material thing you can imagine, so in essence, this allows us to have the ability to live quite comfortably.

My husband loves playing golf and plays as much as he can during the summer months. I like to purchase a new item here and there, so I do this, but we try to not overspend and that is what sets us ahead. By not overspending and only doing a few things here and there lets me be able to be a stay at home mom, we still get to do things we like, but the most important thing in our lives is our little boy. My husband has to spend plenty of time with our son and I am so thankful for this because, it is crucial that the child forms a excellent bond with both parents.


We’ve got wonderful teamwork and I feel this to be extremely important in life, particularly when raising a child. In terms of our little guy, he’s extremely happy, secure, and venturesome. He loves his regular. Every morning he flashes me a great big smile and is about to begin his day. We spend every day together watching movies, eating breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks in between, we play, spend some time studying, we walk out, we go to the park, we all attend a jamboree course with other kids his age, etc.. In order to be there always for my son, no words could express my appreciation.

There’s not anything as unique as this. Everyday is something new and exciting. Taking advantage of nap time is where my time to concentrate in time, energy and creativity falls in. I can accomplish career desires by producing small quantities of time and utilizing loads of creativity. I’ve established a program for young adolescents and invented a program for the course I teach on a few weekends.

Guess what?

The course only runs an hour and a half. That’s all. Daddy watches small Marcello while I teach. By the time Little Marcello works five, and in college fulltime, my schedule will have expended which would permit me to work while he is in college and be home in time to pick him up from school. Sometimes its hard working career and being a stay at home mother, but working around your schedule and using your imagination can drive you to your fullest potential. The first thing to consider is what do you like to do? Then, go from there.

Get your alone time

It’s important for every woman and man to receive their alone time. Do what you like. Do something that does not involve work. If you prefer to play golf, go play golf. Watch a movie, read a book, store, or visit the spa. Try to do something that you like at least once weekly.

Set goals

  • The more targets you accomplish the longer self-esteem you’ll have. Make goals, realistic objectives and try to accomplish them. Do something little daily to get you closer to your accomplishments. Make your fantasies come true.
  • Keep a journal of your achievements and difficulties.
  • Discover how to overcome your issues and turn them into achievements.
  • Make a date with your spouse at least once per month. Get a sitter and go out to a fancy restaurant and go see a movie afterwards. Go buy something sexy.
  • Find time to exercise. Even if it’s for ten minutes, there and here. It all counts! Remember, body and soul fresh. You can exercise while you are cooking, be creative with it and watch the pounds come off.
  • Once per month pamper yourself. Do your hair, nails, toenails. Get yourself all dolled up.
  • Keep yourself organized. If you end up becoming easily frustrated because every time you open the fridge door something falls out, or things are breaking, or the phone rings off the hook and the invoices are scattered all around the table, etc.. You know what I’m talking about; produce a list to keep yourself organized. Find out what works for you. Get the refrigerator repaired; go purchase a invoice box, clear out the clutter. Create methods to keep your life organized.
  • Set up physicians, dentist appointments. Do it in advanced, get everything all set for your children, spouse and do not forget about you. There’s nothing more important than health.
  • BE THANKFUL FOR ALL YOU HAVE. Tell your kids you love them, tell your partner you love them and your family you love them. There are a number of ways to keep yourself balanced. Work with your husband. Teamwork allows many terrific things to come your way. Take care of your kids and be there for them, and make time for yourself, family and friends and all of your targets.