What About Aging Gracefully?

Smiling aged woman looking at camera while dancing ballet with group in the class.

Beautiful older women galleries, mature women painting what has been around their heart always. Women finding new means of expressing themselves, new interests that form fresh pathways of self fulfillment. Discovering that person feels so difficult.

Let’s see…

How do you persuade myself that I’m not just a song without words, music without lyrics, nothing left to state, because I’m growing older just? How do you convince myself that there surely is time and energy to dance still? There exists a struggle that continues on inside any woman (or man I am certain) as she approaches an age that’s considered by her or society, to be older. That one age can transform from decade to decade

When I turned 25 I remember convinced that it had been completely over for me personally. I cried and cried. Ahh me all funny now too. Iwish I now was 25, gads huh? Given that I am an adult woman I make an effort to understand how I could age with grace. I look at women sometimes, younger and prettier than me also it seems that everything has shifted and left me from the scenario of living life.


Talk beautiful older women galleries about, most of us line and reacall those days I am certain up. Products are created to interest youth unless they’re specifically aimed toward the aged, like special meds or wheelchairs or reverse mortgages, things like that. With all this around me I understand it is even more vital that you ‘feel’ and understand my reason behind being. I’m not just a hot flash, I’m a female having a hot flash.

I might feel that I am no longer sexy but I must remind myself that sexy is an attitude. It is all about looking ‘outside’ of oneself, feeling energized by living and acting on that passion. Oh and there’s much to note that I missed in youth soo. As women get older they have to connect to their spiritual side more and I think they do. I find that I am able to look outside myself more and not worry as much about other women in the room. Who is the fairest of all and who shines the brightest. This is a right time that holds visions and introspection and a period that needs to be embraced.