Is Prevention The Best Women’s Self-Defense?

Group of sporty Caucasian children in doboks having taekwondo class in white gym.

I’m Master Jason T. McConnell, This implies hardly any to the average indivdual probably, so i want to elaborate: For nearly twenty years now I’ve been trained in two style disciplines that compliment one another: Taekwondo and Hapkido.


It is made up of kicking but additionally utilizes blocking mostly, stances, and striking techniques. Hapkido is more fluid and uses joint manipulations and throws as a large section of its arsenal judo. I’ve mastered the arts to a spot of integration where hard design of Taekwondo and softer design of Hapkido can be utilized together to become more effectively. And I’ve participated in a number of women’s self-defense classes. typically, and I firmly think that the very best weapon we own is our very own mind. M

y instructor use to inform us “The very best fight I ever endured, was the main one I never really had”, which may be the absolute truth! Fortunately, the knowledge of a physical conflict could be avoided, and you’ll be provided by this short article with some simple suggestions to prevent yourself from being devote harms way.


I cannot stress enough how important it really is to demonstrate confidence. and walking confidently will exclude you just as one victim simply. If you appear to be a victim, you can become one; however, in the event that you look confident you’re telling the possible assailant that you shall not go quietly. How can you walk confidently? Simple, fake it till it really is created by you! Stand tall, and think such as a strong woman.

You’re a significant person and you also deserve to be safe and sound atlanta divorce attorneys brief moment you will ever have. You deserve to be loved and treated with respect like others just. Hold these thoughts if you are walking right into a questionable environment. We don’t even understand we’re engaging in a predicament where we’re able to get hurt. Night jog looking to be harassed or assaulted just how many women venture out for a late? I use to trust, that intuition was some form of metaphysical intervention by way of a higher power.


Anything you believe, I understand it’s disappointing never to have your music, but if you’re hearing music you aren’t alert to your surroundings then. If you would like music, work with a treadmill in the safety of your home or as a substitute, drive yourself once you talk with friends, a neighbor, or a date even. If within an accident, call the authorities before you do other things FIRST, and keep them on the telephone as as you possibly can long. If you’re going on a romantic date, Be sure you drive yourself, When choosing a spot for the initial date, make sure to select a well popular and lit location.

First dates are designed to be casual, fun, and designed to become familiar with someone just. This doesn’t need a candle lit dinner in an exclusive area; nor do every woman is suggested by me should reside in concern with being raped, murdered, or harmed otherwise. What I’m suggesting is that your home is in awareness sufficient reason for caution, I’m suggesting that you take some precautions merely, just as if you were fastening your seat belt to get a drive in your vehicle. You don’t plan to get in a major accident, you have the correct safety restraints set up. Protect yourself!