Do You Want To Learn Self Defense?

Brazilian JIu Jitsu BJJ private class professor of the martial arts academy working on the technique details with his female girl students training guard in kimono gi

Learning self defense is an important part of the lifestyle. This is mostly because crimes are widespread on the roads. Every day, people are victimized by muggers, killers, thieves, and so many more. It’s vital that you have the ability to equip yourself with self defense methods that may save your life daily. Here are a few things you need to understand when learning self defense.


Self defense tactics are best learned in a course. You may enroll in a martial arts instruction course or self-defense program. Make certain that you have the ability to obtain a dependable, efficient, and fantastic instructor that will teach you what you will need to protect yourself. If you do not have the time to register for a course, the next best alternative is to buy self defense videos from where you will learn basic strategies for protection. There are numerous martial arts fighting styles which may be used for this purpose. Some of the popular choices include karate, taekwondo, kung fu, judo, aikido, kick boxing, and a lot more.


You want to study each choice carefully so that you understand which one is most appropriate for you. Even if you learned the basics of self defense, even if you do not have the strength or fitness to execute these techniques, it is to no avail. What you need to do is to keep yourself in tiptop shape so you will have the ability to defend yourself completely. Do regular exercise, eat a well balanced diet rich in fiber and protein, and have an active lifestyle.

Moreover, if you are fit, it would be a lot easier for you to run away from an attacker. If you are slow and lethargic, the attacker can easily catch you. Still the best form of self defense are the ones that are preventative in nature. Don’t place yourself in situations where you can be assaulted.

Be safe

Reduce risks of crime by keeping yourself safe at all times. Stay away from shady areas and do not walk in unlit paths. Avoid talking to strangers and expecting people you have just met for the first time. As much as possible, do not drink a lot of alcohol especially when you’re in a public place or any time you are by yourself. Excessive alcohol intake can cloud your judgment and keep you from making rational decisions.

Final Word

Pepper spray, pocket knife, and taser are only few of the numerous things you can use for self defense. Apart from those, it is also possible to use ordinary items such as ballpen, pencil, car keys, or some other sharp object which you could get your hands on. When you are in a dangerous situation, it is very tough to remain calm. Part of you would want to shout out loud or go hysterical but that will not do you any good. Instead, keep yourself calm and calm so you have better odds of creating a way to defend yourself.