How To Survive Menopause?

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I was blessed, I hit menopause at a time that suited my life. Older children, decisions about what work I did. I guess I had the freedom to actually embrace the procedure. I’ve since learnt there are a lot of women who have not had that luxury. They might still have young kids, if they chose to have children a bit later.


Does that mean there isn’t any solution and no hope and they ought to endure less or more than I did? Menopause has become a passion for me. Whilst I had a great deal of options in how I dealt with it, it hit me hard, harder than lots of women I’ve talked to, so I had to work at making my life livable and survivable. It really was or drop in a heap and influence everyone I loved and cared for, including me!

So my journey began. I began with the physician that would get me feeling and looking like Suzanne Somers. I’m positive that procedure works for lots of girls, but it was just too fiddly for me. All those creams and tablets at particular times of day. Some, even in the middle of the night. I enjoy my sleep far too much for that. Next came the very short lived chardonnay and cherry ripe diet.

Natural ways

Felt good for about a week, then I pulled myself together and began experimenting with herbs, essential oils and natural creams. What works for me might not work for you, but I have done so much researching and sharing with other girls, I know that it is possible to locate a remedy that will work for every girl with a little bit of patience. The important thing is to get to know our own bodies. Keep a journal, talk to friends and girls in your family who have undergone menopause.

Share the experience and advantage (like our fore-mothers used to) in the wisdom of women who’ve gone before you. Here are a few of my personal favorites (besides chardonnay and cherry ripes): a large glass of water when I feel a hot flush coming on. This is an almost instantaneous fix. I also take a vital oil mix that a friend put me onto. Sclaressence, by Young living essential oils. Just 5 drops every day in a gelatin capsule and the majority of the signals of hot flushes are gone.


Yoga helps with bloating and depression and regrettably keeping off the alcohol, that has been demonstrated to be depressant. I didn’t want any more help with this one! Trusting I would get a solution that took menopause from being the dominant force in my life to its rightful position of a stage that me and my body were experiencing within our entire life experience was the key. The research and solutions that followed were the natural consequence of the faith and trust. Good luck to you on your travels, it may be an incredible one if we allow it.