Quelles sont les causes des sueurs nocturnes de la périménopause ?

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Do you tend to perspire in the middle of the night when everything appears to be cooler then? Night sweating would normally be brought on by hot flashes or flushes. Once the body undergoes a hot flash (hotness in the torso up into the face), the body immediately attempts to control it by lowering the body’s temperature – kind of like a cooling procedure for the body.


This is where perspiration comes in. Sweating isn’t only a sticky, icky feeling that you get during or following exercise. It does just that – it cools your body just as soon as the body decides to do so until you “overheat”. Unfortunately, night sweats are often a prelude to sleepless nights, since this perimenopause symptom disrupts sleep. And as mentioned previously, may lead to additional perimenopause symptoms also.


Hormone replacement therapies could maybe be recommended by a physician to handle these nocturnal sweats, particularly if it bothers you to no end. However, there are just two alternative treatments which are easy to get in herbal stores in the neighborhood area. Licorice is not merely a whitening or antiperspirant herb.

Additionally, it has properties that are utilized to normalize hormone production and to treat infertility issues. Some girls solely recommend licorice for these sweats, claiming that it’s helped them regulate the excessive and sudden sweating. Take note, however, that candied licorice won’t help you. The root extract should be used for treatments. Also, people with hypertension shouldn’t take this herb as it might lead to potential acute hypertension, diabetes or cardiovascular issues. Take this as a tea less than two hours before bedtime, so the steam does not contribute to your perspiration.


Dong quai is also thought to be useful in regulating night sweats. As in ginger, make use of the herb, not a processed version of it. Night sweats can be manageable and treatable. It’s wise to consult your physician before taking any remedies for night sweats.