Which Are The Most Popular Stun Guns?

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Stun guns are a non-lethal type of self defense that temporarily immobilizes the attacker. They are available in various forms and voltages. The major disadvantage to using them is that you will need to touch the attacker using it for it to succeed, unlike pepper sprays that can be used at a distance.

Pepper spray

However, they operate through roughly 1/2 inch of clothes. A half second touch can cause some pain. A one or two second dose will lead to muscle spasms and confusion. A 3 to 5 minute program will cause the loss of balance and muscle control, confusion and disorientation. Even if you’re touching your assailant, the electricy won’t move back to you. Oftentimes, only the sound of the power sparking will be sufficient to deter an attacker.

Like all self defense products, the major objective in using a stun gun must be to create enough time and space for safety. The Runt uses cutting edge micro-technology to provide 4.5 million liter of super powered security. It is possible to carry the Runt on your pocket or hand. If you want to wear it like a mobile phone, there’s a heavy duty nylon belt loop holster included. This unit is rechargeable, so there isn’t any need for batteries. This model is ideal for girls of all ages, and works for men also. Flashlight Stun Guns have an LED light beam.

Some also have an attachable red cones for signaling or danger warning, in addition to loud alarms. Voltages range from 220K volts to over 4 million. They’re a terrific tool to keep in your vehicle in case of emergencies. Lipstick versions are so named due to their innovative design and small size, which makes them unique and super portable. Whether you are carrying an oversized purse or an evening clutch, this stun gun goes wherever you go. This unit is powered with a built-in rechargeable battery also includes an integrated charger.

Good to know

Under the cap are two buttons: one for the flashlight and one for your stun. It’s a disabling pin feature that’s worn around your wrist and plugs into the bottom of the device. If it’s taken away from you the disable pin will pull out, preventing the stun gun from being used against you. Double Trouble Stun Gun is more powerful than most stun guns due to the distance between the contacts. The larger the space, the larger the result. Most stun guns only have 1.5 inches. The Double Trouble has 5 inches between connections packaging 1.2 million volts.


Each one of them has attributes which makes them perfect for different conditions. The flashlight version is acceptable for keeping in a car or house, but might be too awkward to carry in a bag. The Lipstick stun gun is convenient and easily transported, but has a lower voltage than the larger styles. To ascertain which type are the best one, think about where you’ll be carrying it.