Kan citronsyra hjälpa mot förkylning och influensa?

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At this time the Christmas lighting are down (hopefully) and we’ve officially entered frosty and flu season. it is important for everyone to function as smartest consumer possible. Avoid being fooled by fancy items that offer miracles. The truth is, everyone find yourself with a frosty or flu at some time in their life. At these times, anticipate to fight the bacterias in probably the most economical way achievable.

Vad ska man göra?

First and foremost, rest and hydration is the greatest defense contrary to the common cold. Nobody will argue that. Nevertheless, everyone wants an instant fix, a way to reduce the signs and symptoms and continue on together with your living while your disease fighting capability suffers. A runny nose could be helped with tissue. A long time ago there were just a few brands of cells available, all offering exactly the same basic thing.


Today, you will see that you can find countless options. Cells with menthol, cells promising ‘anti-viral’ effects, cells for sensitive noses. What’s the best tissue to combat your cold or flu? Just what does ‘anti-viral’ cells mean? Anti-viral tissue identifies tissue which has citric acid in the materials. Mass citric acid, as observed in a previous article, may be used to excellent affect to fight off parasites.

This tissue that claims anti-viral, although it isn’t necessarily likely to kill the bacteria in the person infected, the cells will help kill a lot of the dangerous residue leftover after the cells has been used. This can make the merchandise perfect for parents who’ve sick kids in the home and want to decrease the chances of themselves obtaining ill.

Citric Acid

Citric acid could be sensitive on your skin, so be careful when working with on children with sensitive epidermis. Also, remember that it doesn’t drive back all germs, along with Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). Although it is still vital that you wash your hands, the expense of anti-viral tissues isn’t much more compared to the regular brand, therefore it could be a great option for folks wanting the extra protection.

In addition, it helps reinforce the type of citric acid. Lots of people don’t realize how excellent the merchandise can be for a wide variety of uses. It can be applied to furniture, door handles along with other surfaces that could have gotten infected during cool and flu period. It’s anti-viral properties might help disinfect a house within an economical way.


Citric Acid can be bought wholesale, and on-range, in it’s purest form, also it much less expensive compared to the leading cleaning items that you see through the winter-time. Therefore during this time period of year, do this. Avoid extra harmful chemical substances that may cause other issues. Most of all, be smart and become safe!