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    Louise Friedman (54)

    After my youngest son had three episodes of strep throat, my oldest son reminded me, “Remember last year we took Fyron Immun Forte and never got sick?” OMG. I had completely forgotten about it. But he was right. When we did two religious classes every morning, we went an entire winter without taking all the garbage that was in the schools (I’m a teacher and two kids in school).

    I immediately ordered several bottles (even sent a bottle to my daughter in college). So far so good. Everyone at home consumes it, so no virus to fight against. Here’s to a healthy winter!

    Zoe Evans (39)

    I find that Fyron Immun Forte works quite well in my body because of the perfect combination of vitamins. I have been able to ward off the flu and other elements that other people in the office have been getting.

    They keep asking me when I keep taking and I refer them to this Supplement to help boost the immune system. We work in healthcare, so it’s important to stay healthy, and these vitamins help us do that.

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    Bern White (43)

    I don’t usually leave product reviews, but I felt I had to with this one. I was a little skeptical about this product at first, but I am really surprised that it actually works. One person in my house had a cold and I have been very close to her; plus I already had a compromised immune system, I still didn’t get it for days.

    And I never got it all because I was taking Fyron Immun Forte for support. I can say without a doubt that this supplement is worth it and I will order it again.

    Niko Wilson (38)

    I have been taking Fyron Immun Forte for three years. I used to get colds and bad chest congestion several times a year. Since I started I have not had a single cold or flu. It is possible that this is a coincidence, but I will continue.

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    Kathe Jones (56)

    I’m not saying that the actual correlation is necessarily causation, but I had a fairly chronic cough for a year that had a very negative impact on my quality of life. Doctors were dismissing it as allergies, colds, etc. A co-worker told me that Fyron Immun Forte were good for immunity, so I started taking 2 every morning. My cough went away after a week or two and has stayed away for a few months. They will likely remain part of my daily vitamin regimen for a long time 10/10.

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