Is this A Lifelong Course-Motherhood?

    It’s unusual for me to not be in school on a weekday in this way. Classes have just begun, and for the last 3 decades, it’s been my entire life to be in college during this time and welcome students to the new academic year.

    Let’s see…

    And like my students eager to be sporting their new stuff in college, I know I would have been ‘excited’ to put on a new set of uniform. But for now, instead of my uniform, I’m only in my ‘pambahay’ clothes. And instead of holding my educational materials and what I can use to help keep the students busy for the three-hour HR time, I just have one amazing thing on my hands-my infant.

    Yes, it’s a new school year for me, and I’m taking up a lifelong course-motherhood. This time, I’m the student. I’ll be the one taking notes down,’watching presentations’ and taking’evaluations’ (most of these practical) that my teacher would give me. And what a terrific way to begin a new school year with a new teacher (and undoubtedly my favorite) – my baby.

    Take into account

    Looking around, I noticed that I have a larger classroom today – my world and my child’s. There aren’t any longer bulletin boards to decorate, but my’classroom’ still lights up with his mere existence. In this classroom, I hear the cheers, laughter, and voices of a heap of women. Instead, I hear the laughter, shout and voice of a little boy once we’re in a’discussion’ (the majority of the time I hear him say, “ababababa”).

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    And in this particular classroom, I have my own core value- unconditional love. Just like a normal student, I am eager to learn new things. It only gives me a thrill to learn something new, like when I bathe him the first time. If in college, multi-task to me means to break and to check test papers at precisely the exact same time, in my classroom it intends to put him to sleep, to feed him and to edit a manuscript, all at exactly the exact same time. At exactly the exact same time, I’m also reluctant to fail evaluations that this class would give me.


    Up to now, I’ve taken diagnostic evaluations on strength and patience. And I’m happy to have passed the how-long-can-you-stay-awake-at-night test. Do I miss teaching? With all of my heart, I really do. But for now, I’d love to be the one on the arm chair. I’d love to take all the lessons my little one can give me to make me whole again. I’d love to take the tests he’ll give to bring back the confidence in myself that I dropped. I as the pupil and my kid as my teacher. When the time comes he must evaluate my performance, I really do hope he will give me a fair decision and furthermore, I expect that he is going to be honest with me .


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