Is Menstruation A Natural Occurrence?

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The author has read previous publications on this topic for several years and as recent as this year in online articles. This is one of the most commonly accepted, commonly repeated assumptions in our culture, just as we will need to eat meat, and cook our food.This is going to be discussed in later articles and it’ll be tied into this topic.

Let’s understand it

The evidence will be presented that the final name is a bloody lie, no pun intended, simply to enslave women. The articles will be shown in “The Great Law revisited”. Wild animals in nature don’t go through that procedure, but when domesticated and overfed, and because of this are stimulated sexually, will menstruate at regular intervals. Haig, Professor Arnold Ehret, Dr. Havelock Ellis, and Professor Evens of the University of California, agree with their research on the effect of a low protein (meatless) diet in reducing and abolishing the menstrual hemorrhages.

The low protein diet alone wasn’t the reason, but the separation of the genders, with consequent avoidance of uterine congestion in women caused by sexual stimulation. Since the men were off on the front, and after returning and at the end of the war, menstruation in girls promptly reappeared.


Diet and sex life of these girls has much to do with this situation. We examine the fact that nuns and women who reside in chastity have very short and scanty menstruation periods, lasting no longer than a day or more whereas the prostitutes have a long continued and profuse menstruation often lasting for 2 weeks or longer. Please keep this fact: dietary procedures for reducing and abolishing menstruation; using a very low protein meatless diet to decrease the esophageal blood pressure and circulation and preventing hyperemia (too much blood) in this organ.

Being intimate with a partner causing sexual excitation will fortify the menstrual tendency. Menstruation is a reduction of female sex hormones, which are the origin of feminine youth, beauty, health and longevity. With chastity in drama the reduction of sexual hormone is secure as on the man. The sex hormone is used for additional greater accomplishments to happen, like inventions, ideas, and mathematical miracles. With a very low protein diet, your own mind is mild, your ideas are clear; your eyesight is greater; the sensations are a lot stronger.


The Fountain of Youth is within, which is known as The Golden Oil. You regenerate the body with the reduction of sex hormones for men through voluntary or involuntary seminal emissions. The key of female regeneration is to prevent the loss of female sex hormones via genital mucous discharges or hemorrhages. The masters of years ago like Pythagorean advocated continence for a practice of extreme physiological significance both to body and mind, for he believed the semen as “the flower of the purest blood,” Menstruation loss in women is the same in value as semen reduction in the male.

Pythagorean taught that there was an immediate relation between the semen and the mind and that reduction of semen weakens the mind, while its conservation improves the nutrition in the mind, because the substances thus conserved behave as brain nutrients. The father of medicine, Hippocrates wrote about its influence on the spinal cord. Aristotle wrote about semen being the main part of our food.