Can Hormone Supplementation Help With Menopause?

Mature Woman Experiencing Hot Flush From Menopause

Women in perimenopausal phases may seek the help and advices of physicians in preparation with the forthcoming menopause. More often than not, a preemptive way of trying to deal with the problem of an impending change in a woman’s life might be in the kind of birth control pills.

Hormonal factor

This system is usually utilized because the pills have hormones in them that might help in the general reproductive procedure of a woman about to experience menopausal syndrome. It’s believed and tried these pills help alleviate the incidence of hot flashes, and lessens the risk of ovarian cancer as well as the uterus. The moment the primary stage happens, women are exposed to a slow diminishing amount of progesterone and estrogen. The actual stage doesn’t occur and may only be considered after a complete year following the last known menstruation.

What is happening?

During this phase, the reproductive cycle has completely ceased to be vulnerable for generation, uterine muscles shrink, and protection and lubrication to the vagina and inner areas are compromised. Any girl having this menstrual period may experience amplified hot flashes, sleep disturbances, mood swings, and occasional distress. At this moment, it would be smart to seek the support of the physician on alternative methods of attempting to replace the missing hormones to reach an optimal level for easier internal system operation.


Hormone replacement therapy or HRT is an alternate solution given by physicians to girls having menopause. The idea is simple in a way that estrogen and progesterone are reintroduced into the body as part of regaining the amounts to what it had been before. Much simpler said than done, this method has fulfilled many criticisms and counter productive studies that say that this way is quite dangerous and possibly fatal. However, much debate has been done over the previous years since HRT became a famous clinical intervention for women of menopausal stage.

Good to know

There are natural and artificial hormone replacements for progesterone and estrogen. Like any other medication, there are pros and cons. The body can cope up with unique stimulation and responds in different manners. Nevertheless, it could be a great idea to consider taking HRT to decrease the complications associated with it and concentrate more on the other lifestyle changes to be dealt up with. During the first few years of menopause, it could be okay to use HRT to control the symptoms related to it. With the sound advice and appropriate medication regimen, symptoms could be brought down to a minimum.


However, it’s recommended to gradually have HRT regimen lowered until to a complete stop before the body can fully cope up with symptoms efficiently. Remember that artificial replacement of hormones remains different from the initially produced ones. Having a dependence on it may produce unexpected results or irregular body responses if given for a lengthy time.