Women’s Self-Defense? Use Your Intuition

Handsome young woman leaning against a wooden wall grinning happily with a man in background

Whenever we teach our women’s self-defense programs, among the plain things we encourage our students to apply is hearing their intuition. Why? Because with regards to self-defense, intuition is normally your first “clue” that something is amiss.


Unfortunately, your intuition continues to be giving you plenty of time to create decisions relating to your next action. Gut Feelings – That is equated to meeting someone normally. You just understand this “feeling” that there surely is something amiss about them, regardless of how gracious, smiling plus they appear gentlemanly.

Doubt – That’s where the self-questioning occurs. Go in with eyes spacious and become prepared. This emotion ought to be your warning you need to gear up and obtain from the situation you’re in or anticipate to cope with potential consequences. Pay attention to your fear, know very well what could be causing it, Each day our intuition is on a day, a week 7 days.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t realize how it really is impacting our emotions, feelings, health and communication. Understanding and becoming alert to your intuition offers you the best power over your personal life as well as your own self-defense.