Woman Power?

How long until girls are running the world? From my estimation it is simply a matter of time, thus, I dare to ask the question. Currently women control a massive amount of the wealth in this nation, the biggest chunk in fact. And every day they are yielding an increasing number of energy, as they take over best CEO spots and leadership positions.

It takes time

Okay so, if the advancement for this inevitable future is not happening quickly enough for you, then maybe, you’re not looking as carefully as you may because if you really observe what’s happening, things are moving fairly fast in these jobs and trends. There was an entire section dedicated to”Women in the Economy” on Monday April 11, 2011 at the WSJ – allegedly the Wall Street Journal had sponsored an event; Women in the Economy – An Executive Task Force. The lead story in this segment was”A Blueprint for Change” and in case you have yet to understand that women are prime movers in the USA and soon the planet’s leadership then you’re not watching very closely.

Indeed there is an Excellent book I want to recommend for you titled;”Influence: How Women’s Soaring Economic Power Will Transform Our World for the Better” by Maddy Dychtwald of the famous Dychtwald demographer family. The main reason I think you ought to think about these tools to assist your understanding in this matter is because long ago, I was at Starbucks and was talking to a gal who’d felt that she had not had the chance to rise from the business she worked at, as high as she would have before retirement because she was a girl.

As I listened to her story, I’d say yes, she had a point, but she’d also retired 10-years past, and the majority of her career had played in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s. She saw lots of changes, but now things are really scooting along nicely for women in business, and leadership jobs. I’d go so far as to state that the glass ceiling not only has cracks in it, it’s shattered, and the sky is the limit for any woman now entering any profession she enjoys. Yes, it is going to be hard work, but with stick-to-it-ness, and will, there are few barriers stopping her.