Why To Use Masturbation As Stress Management?

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The pleasure associated with masturbation alone is sufficient justification for participating in the activity, but the fact is that there are different advantages to self-fondling. As many guys know, studies have shown that masturbation can help maintain penis health, while at the exact same time boosting the immune system.


It is also a mood enhancer, something many guys need. Additionally, masturbation can be a excellent way to deal with stress – and in this world of growing tension, that is especially valuable. It’s obvious that masturbation is plenty of fun, but how can this help decrease stress? Essentially, sex of any sort has the potential to de-stress a individual as a result of processes involved.

When a guy is masturbating, the discharge causes the blood pressure to lower, which equates to a decrease in stress. But beyond that, the action also contributes to the release of serotonin and dopamine, two compounds that play an integral role in stress reduction. There’s some disagreement as to whether non-ejaculatory masturbation creates a desirable stress reduction.

Did you know?

While some scientists consider the physical action can lower stress to a degree, even in the absence of orgasm, many agree it is the culmination of the action through ejaculation which brings about the very best form of relaxation. Men who experience high levels of anxiety might want to attempt and use masturbation as a single means of stress management. For instance, a man toiling on a significant project for work may discover his anxiety levels have risen dramatically.

This is particularly true if there are confounding factors, such as feeling he doesn’t possess the abilities and/or information to complete the project correctly, feeling tired before he starts the job, or feeling that external worries and anxieties are preventing him from focusing on the job at hand. Instead of becoming frustrated or pounding his fist against the wall, he might benefit from slipping off to the men’s area and bringing himself to orgasm. This might be especially helpful if he’s experiencing a “block” of some sort, as the sexual discharge is often accompanied by a time period when a person’s thoughts more freely associates or accesses new ideas or ideas.

Take note!

Here are some tips that may make masturbation more likely to be a beneficial tool for handling extra stress. Gauge the guilt. Despite the fact that basically all guys masturbate to one degree or another, lots of individuals still feel extremely guilty about masturbating. After such men masturbate, they might have a momentary feeling of relief, but it’s often quickly overcome by self-loathing for giving in to the urge to masturbate. If a person falls into this camp, masturbating won’t likely be a good method of relieving stress.

Accept the time. Ideally, a guy ought to allow himself as much time to masturbate as required. Masturbating while watching the clock adds pressure to the equation. A guy will do better if he takes his masturbation may slow him down a little – and that the excess time is well worth it. Give in. If a guy is masturbating someplace where he is truly alone, he must “give in” to the adventure. Most men find that masturbation releases mores stress if they don’t hesitate to moan, writhe or touch themselves around.


Masturbation, if a way of stress management or for sheer pleasure, will be more enjoyable if the gear is in top form. Regular use of a superior penis health crème (caregivers advocate Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) helps accomplish this aim. Choose a crème with acetyl L-carnitine, an amino acid celebrated for its defense against peripheral nerve damage and the penile de-sensitization that communicates that harm. The crème must also contain L-arginine, another amino acid, which helps to make sure that penile blood vessels are available and receptive to greater blood flow. A wholesome manhood is just one less thing for a guy to stress about.