Why To Choose Pepper Spray Over Other Self Defense Products?

Self defence or prevention of home violence concept: using tear gas to defend yourself

When it comes to your personal security, you need to be well equipped with the easiest to use and best system of self defense. With many different self defense products on the market to select from, it’s tough to know which will fit your requirements best. Nowadays, you can choose from self defense items such as firearms, knives, stun guns, pepper sprays and more.


While all have their advantages and disadvantages, it has benefits that most other techniques of self defense can’t offer.

It is a non-lethal way of self defense. For those people who are too scared to take a gun or use a knife, Mace can be a excellent option. With this system of self defense, you won’t need to be worried about causing permanent harm to your attacker. Although it’s non-lethal, pepper spray is still strong enough to stop an attacker in their tracks. When sprayed into the eyes of an attacker it causes temporary blindness, which provides you plenty of time to escape.

You can be comfortable with your decision to carry it. Carrying a weapon or weapon for a self defense weapon could be nerve wracking. When you’re scared to use your preferred weapon for self defense or worried you won’t use it properly, it is going to be of no use to you once you need it. It is easy to use and can be used properly by anybody.

It is easy to carry. Available in a small canister, it is easy to take Mace in your pocket or handbag. Unlike firearms, you may legally take it in this fashion. Some brands are even made to look like regular objects, which makes you feel more comfortable about carrying it out.

When you decide on a weapon, knife or martial arts as a self defense method, you need to be placed within arms reach of your attacker so as to effectively prevent them. Mace does not have this requirement. In actuality, the majority of pepper sprays have a range of at least half an hour. In the appropriate conditions, you can shield yourself without needing to be extremely near your attacker. This makes your quick escape that much simpler.

When your attacker sees that you are carrying a weapon, they instantly know their destiny. However, with a spray, most attackers won’t notice you have it until its too late and they have already been sprayed. With an assortment of styles on the current market, pepper spray is easily disguised as a keychain, pen or other object.


Surprising an attacker with it will help you gain valuable time to make your escape. The bottom line with any process of self defense is that you will need to feel comfortable using it and know how to use it. Pepper spray is affordable, simple to use and an effective way to protect yourself during an assault.