Why Should I Go For Hijama Therapy?

    Though primarily discovered to heal body pain only, this ancient treatment proved beneficial for treating several health conditions. Scientific researchers have proven that it works like magic on migraines and the back pain. The treatment is effective in curing many clinical indications of external pathogens, which harbors at the level of the epidermis.

    Let’s understand it

    The Hijama releases toxins; p acidifies tissues, and promotes blood flow. It releases harmful chemicals from the body, which reduce stress and depression. This process involves creating slight strain to the inner organ. It can be implemented at any place in the body. However, it’s mostly performed at the website of pain, although the conventional method informs about using it just six best points of the body.

    In accordance with the Islamic prophet, Hijama is the best remedy. Latest Science demonstrated that this treatment strengthen the immune system. Sufficient flow of nourishment to the affected tissues, stimulation of lymph and blood circulation is the cornerstone of treating so many health issues. Hijama also activates the use of the organs; it may be used for treating kidney and liver ailments also.

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    Did you know?

    The treatment is based on cupping. At historical era, horns were used as cups, but today the metal, plastic or glass cups are used. Some therapists, even use machines, rather than the cups. However, this therapeutic procedure warns against over cupping. Traditionally cupping has been used only at six best points of the body, to wash out the entire cardiovascular system. The conventional method confers that pain occurs in the body due to stagnation of blood and Qi or the body energy.

    The location of cupping is shaved in the beginning, to make sure the tight seal of the cup with the skin. A small bit of cotton or paper is burned within the container, to make it sterile. This also makes the boat stick to the skin, which is essential to accomplish this procedure.

    Take note

    The modern therapeutic use two different types of cupping, the dry cupping and the wet cupping.

    • In accordance with the dry cupping, just the cups are placed with suction. An Incision isn’t made so the blood isn’t removed from the skin.
    • The wet cupping is the process that says about producing incisions, after putting of the suction cup. It allows out the blood and pus from your system. Cups which are used for Hijama to make a drawing power in the epidermis. It causes pain reduction and mobilizes the immune system, making it powerful and releases energy.


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