Why Quitting Smoking Isn’t Enough?

Quitting smoking concept. Hand is refusing cigarette offer.

The unfortunate death of news anchor Peter Jennings is a painful reminder that stopping smoking isn’t sufficient to ensure future good health. Cancer develops slowly in its first stages but raises its growth over time, often with hardly any early warning signals.


Once cancer has begun, it doesn’t care that its host has stopped smoking. This cancer resides off glucose that’s abundant in the American diet in the kinds of sugar, carbohydrates and alcohol. It’s a smart disease; it generates protection shields around the cancer cells which stop the body’s natural defense molecules, T-Cells and B-Cells from gaining access to the cancer.

Common health screening evaluations also don’t recognize the early stages of cancer growth. The PSA test of prostate cancer generates many false positive results, as do mammograms. Blood tests do not ordinarily include cancer tests.


Conventional medicine offers very little in the shape of cancer prevention strategies, but natural or holistic medicine provides many scientifically proven prevention approaches and all start with the value of nutrition–both in terms of boosting the immune system and decreasing the degree of sugar and glucose in the body. If blood glucose levels are reduced through diminished consumption of sugar, simple carbohydrates and alcohol, the development of cancer cells may definitely be slowed down.

Foods and supplements containing vitamins C, E, A and B6 and zine, Omega 3 and 6 fats, glutamine, alpha lypoic acid and curcumin have been shown to attack and include cancer cell growth. Another highly effective natural strategy involves systematic detoxification so as to eliminate as many of the pathogens and free radicals in the body as you can.

Immune system

By reducing the toxic load in the body, the immune system is better able to take care of any cancer cells which might be present. As many as one billion cancer cells can be within the body which aren’t detectable by the normal diagnostic equipment. There’s simply no excuse for anyone not having the ability to get information on the many natural and effective cancer prevention approaches which have been developed through the years.

The Internet provides fast and frequently thorough information on the subject and a visit to any bookstore or health food shop will even reveal literally hundreds of books and magazine articles on cancer prevention. It’s not required to live in fear of a future battle with cancer so long as every possible measure is taken to help the body avoid this very preventable disease. Life is a excellent holiday gift or New Years Resolution. Consider it as well as the alternatives.