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    What to know about Testosterone?

    Hormones play an important role in our bodies, and are responsible for many functions. The key ingredient in a weight-loss or muscle building program is testosterone, which is the male hormone. It will reduce fat retention and increase muscle building potential.

    How to naturally increase Testosterone?

    To naturally increase testosterone, lift heavy weights that can be lifted for at least 5 repetitions per set. You should do at least three sets. Rest at least one minute between sets to ensure you are fully rested before you start the next set. These benefits can only be achieved if you are able to lift heavy weights with a hundred percent effort and intensity.

    Why is important to reduce your Body Fat Percentage?

    Higher body fat means higher levels estrogen, which will cause testosterone levels to drop. Lower body fat does not necessarily mean lower weight. It is more important than to reduce your overall body fat percentage to lose weight.

    Building muscle and losing weight simultaneously will help lower your overall body fat percentage.

    How to reagulate your Hormones?

    Healthy monounsaturated fats can help regulate hormonal health. Increase your intakes of essential fatty acids (EFAs), from foods such as tuna, salmon and avocado, peanuts, oil from canola and olives, flax seeds, and oils from flax seeds. Keep your total fat intake to 30% of your daily caloric intake.

    Does Zinc help with Testosterone Increase?

    Zinc is an important component to naturally increase testosterone levels. Zinc converts estrogen to testosterone and prevents testosterone from being broken down and converted to estrogen.

    Zinc is found in oysters, salmon, beef, seafood, liver and poultry as well as cottage cheese and milk. Zinc is often included in multivitamins so it should not be difficult to add this supplement to a dietary program.

    How is your Sleep related to Testosterone Building?

    Get six to eight hours sleep each night. Insufficient sleep will cause cortisol to be produced, which in turn will reduce testosterone levels. Your body produces testosterone when you sleep. Sleep is essential for recovering from exercise.

    Why to have a Healthy Level of Testosterone?

    A healthy level testosterone will help build muscle mass and decrease body fat percentage. These benefits can be achieved without the use of harmful supplements or steroids. Maximum effort in the gym and a balanced diet are key ingredients to naturally increasing testosterone. A diet that contains 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 30% fat seems to be a good goal.

    What to know about Male Menopause?

    Though it's rarely discussed, males may also experience menopause. About 40 percent of guys between your ages of 40 and 60, have problems with male menopausal signs and symptoms, which are somewhat much like female menopause symptoms.

    This type of menopause found in guys is called andropause, and also known as male midlife crisis, that is brought on due to a decline in the creation of testosterone.

    What are Andropause Symptoms?

    knowledge a gradual decline in testicular functionality. This decrease results in a reduction in hormonal levels as properly, which dampens the testosterone creation in the male body. At these times, male menopausal symptoms commence to take effect.

    Why to be aware about Andropause Symptoms?

    Andropause signs and symptoms are rarely as serious as female menopausal signs and symptoms. It really is still advised however a doctor is visited merely to be on the secure side in the event that you suspect that you might be experiencing any symptoms.

    Problems such as for example lupus, mumps, diabetes and testicular damage are known to show the same symptoms as male menopausal symptoms.

    What is the most common Sign of Andropause?

    Exhaustion is generally probably the most prolific of Andropause. This exhaustion can be extremely severe and may result in the individual sense sorry for themselves, and sometimes even lead to despression symptoms. Joint pains, though not necessarily present, can be a indication of male menopausal signs and symptoms.

    What is the Problem of the Male Midlife Crisis?

    Whenever a man reaches this phase of inability to keep an erection, the amount of depression can be extremely severe and can result in thoughts of suicide. That is why it is known as male midlife crisis and guidance and medical assistance ought to be sought immediately.

    Is Andropause linked to Weight Gain in Men?

    A lot of men experience weight gain because they get old and are much less active as they were in the past, but this can furthermore be a indication of male menopausal signs and symptoms, and really should not be ignored.

    Did you know this about Andropause?

    Just as much as it could be ignored, male menopausal signs and symptoms have become real and attention ought to be paid when somebody is suspected of going right through this. Andropause is an extremely real section of male aging despite the fact that doctors might put more focus on female menopause signs and symptoms.


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