Why Are Women So Amazing?

Calm and angry girl. Double color exposure.

Some men may feel threatened by the increasing distance taken by girls in the business and political world. They should not and allow me to tell you why. Most problems we now face as modern countries are connected to the fact that we’ve lost our connection with cycles and rhythms.


It isn’t that these rhythms and cycles have vanished; in fact they’re the only steady and predictable things in our world today. What went wrong is that we’ve been ignoring them. So instead of working together, they are imposed on us and we aren’t prepared. Working together would mean accepting and respecting these cycles, preparing for the drawback once we are at the upside.

Women have an extraordinary ability to remain in tune with the idea of cycle. The very first one is of course the body monthly adjustment to procreate or not, they feel monthly. As annoying as periods might be, they act as a reminder that we belong to something much larger than us, over which we don’t have any control. The medical world has attempted to suppress that monthly reminder by supplying a pill that would stop all periods for six months.

Side effects

But besides the physical side effects of taking such a pill, the very function of protector and foundation of all things that girls should have is influenced. The world where we are living in has lost all respect for seasons, for cycles of the human type. Because of this, kids have become miniature adults, weekly breaks from all action to reconnect with oneself and the divine aren’t respected either.

Divine here shouldn’t be taken in a spiritual way. Divine reflects what’s beyond us, what’s bigger than us, so it could easily reflect your spiritual belief of a super power, and it should also talk to non believers. What’s beyond us is a fact, not a belief. Moon cycle, earth rotation, blood renewal cycle, these are all facts. We’d all benefit greatly by reconnecting with these cycles which govern our lives whether we like it or not.

Women have the capacity to do that: they have this long term view, this capability to anticipate and see something coming way before substance signs show. The more we will expect women’s instinct the better the world will be. Women aren’t power seekers; they have a goal that goes beyond immediate gratifications. And above all they have integrity: working for the greater good is meaningful to them. In their everyday life, they all have to have a deep comprehension of the entire image to manage with work, family, children, groceries etc.

Take into account

The broad spectrum of what they cover would benefit greatly into the world. That combined with the sharpness, pragmatism and efficiency guys are capable of can perform wonders. Chinese have understood that long ago: equilibrium comes from the ideal combination of Yin (ultimate feminine) and Yang (ultimate masculine). This is the reason you need to find a close look at your few. Your couple is, in the household cellular level, the representation of the yin yang balance in activity.

So it’s about time most of us go past the prejudiced thoughts we have on the opposite gender, and we begin focusing on each sex’s assets. Women are plagued with their insecurity passed on from generations and generations. Few of them have an actual self-confidence that would enable them to blossom and communicate their potential. I also feel that this insecurity is the foundation of many relationship difficulties.


This form of complicated triggers a match score keeping over the contest of who does what, like this score game was providing any value to what girls do on a daily basis. I will provide some ideas to eliminate this insecurity in another article. For now I wish to elevate your awareness on the awesome skills women have and the world could benefit from. Gentlemen, do not feel threatened. What women can bring in the business world is something that you do not have; so your very best interest would be to add their skills to your arsenal. Stand up Ladies! You’re amazing!