Why Are Self-Defense Items So Popular?

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Self-Defense Items – Why They’re So Popular? An aerosol self-defense spray named Mace was designed in 1965. It was the first commercial product of its kind. Self-defense almost always needs more than just your bare hands. Besides a handgun, which is a deadly means to defend yourself, these nonlethal self-defense products are relatively recent creations made especially to help you in defense against an attack.

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Nonlethal self-defense items for personal safety have zoomed in popularity in the past 10 to 15 years mostly as they’re affordable and effective ways to defend oneself. They’re legal in almost all jurisdictions with a couple of cities and states having limitations on stun devices. They are not as expensive than a deadly handgun and offer a viable alternative to the deadly force of a handgun. It just does not make sense to shoot and kill someone for an easy home invasion.

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Why are these self-defense items so common?

  • We believe the first reason they’re so popular is because they’re so effective. Did you know that all law enforcement officers carry a pepper spray and some sort of stun device on their utility belt as their first line of nonlethal self indulgent? In what’s known as the”continuum of force” required for compliance. Law enforcement officers try verbal orders for compliance, then escalate into nonlethal means like a pepper spray or a stun device, then eventually to lethal means such as a handgun.
  • Another reason that they’re so popular, especially with women, is that lots come in fashionable colors and styles. In regards to personal safety and self indulgent, girls are still trend conscious.
  • Self-defense things are legal just about everywhere, but some states and cities still have limitations on stun devices.
  • And we think another reason they’re so popular is because they’re smaller than ever before making them easier to carry and easy to hide. So if you’re in the market for a nonlethal self-defense thing like pepper spray or a stun device, you need to understand these four reasons why they are popular. When are you getting one?