What To Know About Foster Children?

Top view of a family of four placing hands one on top of the other in a conceptual image of love, togetherness and safety.

Some families due to the demands made upon them by being the head of families, some due to the cost that hard times entailsothers caught up in the battle of those times are being ripped asunder. The end result is that often and for their security, children, are pressured from all that they know and love, and removed to reside in out of home placements.

Did you know?

These kids are under tremendous distress and grief and these two forces take there toil on the very entity of the souls. Foster children are engaged in an invisible war just trying to survive, trying to live in an adult world that has abused and hurt them very badly. Whether the kid came from the most dilapidate ghetto or the most well maintained neighbor, none of them are immune from the terror and terror imposed on them by being eliminated, and frequently abruptly, from all that they knew.

These experiences have a way of negatively altering children’s outlook on life. For many, life has become dull and pointless. They suffer from spiritual inertia. I’ve witnessed children who were paralyzed by ruined beliefs and shackled by the strong chains of discouragement. Manipulated by the machine, bad news, bad relationships, bad experiences, and poor everything; the tension builds up and becomes too great.

Keep in mind

They become like a rubber band that’s been stretched and stretched until it can’t yield its flexibility. And unless, caring foster parents intervene, they will snap under the load. Foster kids are overwhelmed by outside troubles, difficulties, and despair. Not only are they attacked externally, but a number of our children have fears inside. They haven’t just lost confidence in their own families, lost confidence in this world, lost confidence in”the system”, but far too many have lost confidence in themselves.

They hold themselves accountable, are worried, frustrated and confused. A cloud of anxiety floats around in their psychological sky. Is it any wonder that many of them develop maladjusted, become group members, or exhibit other anti inflammatory behaviors? Many foster children, in their attempt to prevent their new reality and to deal with their grief, have built up walls; emotional walls, the invisible walls they make to protect themselves and separate themselves from what is too painful.

A comparison

In Babylon, the children of Israel have been made to sing hymns and spiritual songs in their strange language. But conquer by their losses, they inquired,”How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a foreign land?” The exact same can be said for foster children. Foster children are a group of exiles; such as the children of Israel, they are pressured from what they had been familiar with and put in an environment that’s as odd as a foreign land.

They sleep in strange beds, live in a strange house with folks they don’t know. With so much of what was once known being supplanted by the unknown, foster children, in a very real sense, locate themselves aliens in a strange land and defeat by their own losses, wonder how they could sing in a foreign territory. Foster kids are far from home, their own lives at risk without a clear end in sight. They wait and watch not knowing what to expect for or if they should even expect in any respect.