What To Know Abou Self-Defense Products?

Optic fiber cable connection with electric arc, 3D rendering

It’s time once more to award one non-lethal self-defense product with the coveted ‘Puzek Security SELF-DEFENSE Product of the Year’ which year that award would go to the one and only the Stun Gun Flashlight, and what better product to win that award when compared to a product as diverse and useful as that one?

Non lethal devices

Any non-lethal self-defense device ought to be made to potentially save someone’s life in the off chance that someone actually finds themselves in person with a potential assailant but few devices is often as useful because the stun gun flashlight on a daily basis and also fewer might help protect someone in situations apart from stopping an attacker. All this said, it seemed a no-brainer that product would win this year’s award and could you need to be the winner for a long time to come.

And foremost this thing is first, because the true name indicate, a flashlight and an extremely durable, ultra-bright and dependable one at that. So even though you aren’t looking for stopping an attacker (and our hope is that you won’t ever will undoubtedly be) it is possible to still find good used in the flashlight itself. Secondly, it includes a detachable red cone which you can use in emergency roadside situations that occur during the night.

What to do?

I have no idea if you’ve ever found yourself stranded on a busy road or highway during the night but it is definitely an extremely unnerving event. The stun gun flashlight’s detachable red warning cone might help extend your visibility to oncoming motorists and ultimately could save your valuable life to be hit by way of a ton of steel going 65 miles each hour could certainly prove fatal.

Thirdly, this product includes a 130 decibel alarm which will help supplement the stun action with regards to protection against attack. In case you are wondering how an alarm could stop an attack please let me explain possibly. Any criminal who’s not literally as dumb as a rock will understand that getting caught while committing a crime, purse snatching for instance, won’t be a positive thing and will more than likely end their criminal career. Finally this product is, because the name indicate again, a stun gun.

Final note

An extremely powerful 200,000 volt stun device which should prove a lot more than to avoid even probably the most vicious and determined attacker enough. Not only any stun gun but a stun baton really that provides its user a significant advantage over traditional stun devices since it gives on the benefit of reach (the stun gun flashlight measures 16.5 inches).