What Role Does Nutrition Play In Menopause?

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Creating a “quality” menopause transition requires following certain guidelines to minimize its effects on women’s health. You likely know that this illness wrecks havoc on female body creating chemical imbalances and general discomfort for a period of time (both short and long).


Bouts of stress, physical symptoms like hot flashes and vibrations ripping through the body, vaginal discomfort, relationship difficulties, as well as also the realization that women are stepping into the next phase of their lives are crucial changes you has to face. Menopause and exercising appropriate women’s health can easily go hand in hand with a tiny bit of additional effort. So as to reduce the severity of symptoms, women will need to be educated about proper nutrition including vitamin and other nutritional consumption.


Let’s look into a few vitamins that may help. Some of the physical symptoms of menopause include night sweats, itchy, crawly vibrations throughout the body, and overall distress. An superb vitamin to take is Vitamin E. Taken at a dose of 800 IU daily, it helps prevent these conditions from occurring.

Make certain that you take one pill with all your meals, as capsules are best activated in the body when consumed with meals. A fantastic vitamin to assist depression and hot flashes during sleep is magnesium too (taken in a dose of 1,000 mg. Another one of those letter vitamins which is terrific for menopausal symptoms and immune system construction is Vitamin B-6.

It’s a diuretic, so it flushes out any excess liquid in the body which can lead to discomfort. Additionally, it helps in processing protein and fights against illness. Women suffering under this condition also experience depressive symptoms, something Vitamin B-6 may battle. Regular Vitamin B may ease anxiety and combat stress also.

Weak bones?

Did you know menopause can cause weak bones? In a condition called osteoporosis, bones begin to become brittle and may break with ease performing the simplest tasks, like opening a car door or turning abruptly. An excellent vitamin like calcium can help. However, ensure that you take calcium with magnesium and Vitamin D together since they help absorb calcium into the blood stream.

Hormones are also influenced by this terrific vitamin, as it functions as its”engine” in being spread out through the entire body. Remember, if you do not need to consume capsules and pills, you can eat foods and drink liquids full of vitamins like orange juice, peanuts, legumes, broccoli, bananas, and milk (calcium rich ). Most doctors recommend a daily multivitamin and antioxidant. Taking the hormone called DHEA may also do wonders to combat the effects of menopause.


Pound for pound, the most crucial thing women can do to reduce the severity of menopause is to adhere to a clean and healthy lifestyle including exercise and listen to their own physician. Avoid eating McDonald’s, drinking sodas, and consuming different foods packed with sugars and preservatives. Make it a habit to drink water and provide yourself with a strong social network of friends that will offer support to you once you’re down and need someone to speak to. Overall, keep your body in line and in form against menopause by acquainting yourself with appropriate nourishment and necessary vitamins.