What Is The Most Important Weapon For Women’s Self-Defence?

    I’ve been reading plenty of posts recently about women’s self-defence, and what women need so as to shield themselves recently. Collapsible batons, pepper sprays, tazers, as well as firearms are regularly espoused as the most important thing a modern woman should carry at all times to be able to ensure her security.

    Let’s see…

    There is a problem. Presumably, the writers who write these posts are based in states or countries where those weapons are legit and legal. My take on this is a bit different because I reside in britain, where any and all weapons (or objects carried with the aim of using them as weapons) are completely prohibited.

    The only weapons a student here could be encouraged to utilize are improvised weapons. I.e. – those that are observed during an experience, or an innocuous item like a handbag that could become and a weapon there and then. So, what do women really have to have so as to become efficient at self-protection? I recently wrote that the most important feature for any fighter, martial artist, or self-defence pupil to develop is a powerful, combative mindset.

    Take into account

    This is particularly important for girls, for a few reasons. Many women appear to defeat themselves before they start only because they feel as if they could not possibly defend themselves from a guy. It’s understandable because girls, by their very nature, are much less familiar with violence as men, who start with aggressive rough-and-tumble play from a young age and are invited to take up demanding physical sports and pursuits more often than females are.

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    They are also, typically, physically smaller or weaker than a person. But despite being clear, this fear is unfounded. Imagine a 200lb man holding a cat. Now, someone throws ice-cold water on them both, and the guy tries to hold onto the creature. What happens? The guy fails to hold onto the cat, and gets hurt in the process because the feline goes nuts with its claws and teeth in its decision to escape.

    Keep in mind

    What’s the stop women from doing the same? You’re much bigger than the cat. You have teeth, you’ve got nails. You have various weapons. Learn how to use these rather than relying upon transported weapons, which you might not always have with you (and might not always have enough time to deploy anyhow). But what if you still do not believe that you can fight back? If you are a woman reading this, consider your kids. If you do not have them, think of your friend’s children, or your pets, or whatever you love. Now imagine them being assaulted by a guy wearing a mask.

    What do you do? There’s a narrative of a woman who had been assaulted in her house and, because of fear of fighting back, become a rape statistic. Moments later, the attacker turned his back on her and led towards an adjoining area, where the girl’s young daughter was crying. Seeing what was going to occur, the girl jumped into action, grabbing a pair of scissors out of the sideboard and introducing them into the intruder’s neck. He died at the scene.

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    Final note

    Wouldn’t you have done the same? For many women, the notion of protecting themselves appears alien and hopeless, yet the notion of protecting their child is primal and instinctive. It occurs without being given a second though. Why can not you apply this to your own security, in addition to that of loved ones? My point here is that although carrying some type of weapon or personal security device may be a sensible choice, do not let it blind you and become your only sense of safety. It’s not enough.

    So as to maximise your security, you need to get your mindset right. You need to train yourself and learn how to use your firearms until you get to the level where you know you can defend yourself, whether you’ve got the luxury of a transported weapon or not. You need to give yourself permission to fight for your own safety in precisely the identical manner you would to protect someone else. Neither of those things are a quick or easy process, but they’re essential. Don’t search for quick fixes. If you’re genuinely concerned about your wellbeing, then put in the hours.


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