What Is Premestrual Water Retention?

Water before breakfast. Slim and fit woman with many little braids drinking water before having breakfast

I’m not normally one to fuss or take unnecessary medication; however at this time I believe I only need to consume anything in hand to take the pain away. This not necessarily works and secondly can make you feel even worse. It’s normal to gain weight before your period – based on the person you can profit from 1 to 5 kg in water!

Premenstrual water retention

It causes a heavy feeling and can cause you to feel tired too. There are ways to counter act this. Ask your physician to prescribe diuretics when you’ve got extreme water retention throughout your menstruation period. Also wearing looser clothes makes you feel less bloated and fat since you don’t feel restricted in your garments. So stand up straight and feel good about yourself this always helps any situation and PMS is just the same.

Cramps can be quite painful you can opt to take medication to alleviate the distress – which is particularly painful in the initial days. Also if you’ve got the luxury, lie down for a couple hours maintaining something warm in your stomach – this helps to alleviate the cramps. Here too a hot bean bag or hot water bottle will help. Once more if the pain is too much try taking some pain killers and doing gentle stretching.

Did you know?

Some women find that their breasts are tender and somewhat larger during this time of the month. There’s not much that could be done – I strongly suggest wearing another bra in this time as not to feel limited. Eat a wholesome diet. Eat loads of fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains. Attempt to add more fruit and veggies into your diet during this period as they help lowering your bloating and water retention. Celery, onion, parsley and garlic, have diuretic properties and assist flushing fluids from your system.

Other changes that will help are decreasing your salt intake, red meat, caffeine and alcohol. Avoid all types of processed foods, prepared meals and tinned foods as restricting your salt helps reduce water retention. You should have already heard that those who exercise regularly are far less likely to suffer from PMS. This is great for all and as expected it’s very good for beating PMS too.

Final note

Besides releasing hormones and make you feel great, it also can help you sweat out excess fluids. Regular exercise helps reduce PMS fully and has many other advantages like feeling healthy, improving your posture and reducing anxiety. The infamous relationship killer – all you will need to do is inform your spouse, family and work colleagues about this. Let them know that it is just for a few days and to not take things personally. You could also combat it by taking a herbal remedy such as St. John’s Wort which aids symptoms of depression and anxiety drop significantly after the first month of using it.