What Is Perimenopause Again?

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Perimenopause is kind of like the biological threshold of menopause. Consider it as your own body preparing itself for its official entrance into melancholy, signaled by the whole cessation of menstruation after at least twelve months. Peri menopausal symptoms can be felt as early as ten years before menopause, which means women as young as 40 years old may already experience hot flashes, irregular menstrual periods, vaginal dryness, mood swings, and other common signs.


Most typical peri menopause symptoms, both physical and psychological, are due to varying hormone levels. Hot flashes, for one, are primarily the results of reduced estrogen that directly affects the hypothalamus (the part of your mind controlling your body’s reaction to sex hormones, sleep cycles, hunger, and fever ). A substantial number of peri menopausal women undergo hot flashes in varying intensities: in america alone, around 80% experience it. The fantastic thing is that hot flashes decrease with time.

Up until their inevitable disappearance, but this symptom can get pretty awkward and uncomfortable. Hot flashes can be addressed naturally. There are medications as well as hormone replacement therapy (HRT) a woman at the peri menopause stage can opt for, but these pose risky chances like developing specific types of cancer. They’re also rather expensive in the long term. The best, safest, and best natural solution is to avoid triggers as soon as you’re able to. Stress and anxiety are some of the biggest ones, so steer clear of situations that could cause these (and hot flashes in turn).

Other factors to watch out for include alcoholic drinks, hot food, smoking, carbonated drinks, and hot weather. Be sensible when dressing for the day. Dress in layers of clothing made from lightweight, natural cloth (that allows the skin to breathe and won’t adhere to skin) so that you can peel them off one at a time when you start feeling the warmth. Always bring a bottle of cold water and a hand lover everywhere you go. Try your best to maintain a serene and calm mindset at all times.

Vaginal dryness is also a massive peri menopause indicator that’s not only bothersome, but can take its toll on a peri menopausal woman’s sex life, also. Again, it’s normally due to declining estrogen levels resulting in the drying and thinning of vaginal walls. In the event of vaginal dryness, HRT might even be the culprit, particularly during the period of being weaned from it. Combat vaginal dryness the organic way. Boost your everyday water consumption, for one. Go on healthy diet which addresses hormonal balance. This may include such food as soy and flax seeds that are proven excellent sources of phytoestrogens (natural chemicals in plants that mimic estrogen).

Good to know

During intercourse, it is advised that a scent-free, water based lubricant be used. You could even decide to break open a Vitamin E capsule and use it as a lubricant. Not only will it do the work well, but Vitamin E can actually help restore some of the vagina’s elasticity and tackle the dryness.


Peri menopause may indicate the end of one stage in a woman’s life, but it may also be regarded as the entrance into a new and exciting one that completely does away with problems of unplanned pregnancy and birth control. In actuality, girls who’ve gone through peri menopause, menopause, as well as post menopause may attest that living, loving, and laughing through those stages are the most effective natural treatments for all of the symptoms that they bring with them.