What Is Menopausal Vaginal Dryness?

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Many people don’t like to talk about the effects of menopause and vaginal dryness, but the reality is, it is going to occur to many women at some point and time in their lives and it’s fairly discomforting. Every girl that experiences menopause has their own diverse problems with it. Some of them have night sweats, weight reduction and even vaginal dryness. Other effects may include, a headache, sleeplessness, a change in the sex drive (needing less) and mood swings.

Good to know

There are pills that are prescribed by physicians and they can assist you a little bit. If night sweats are bothering you, wear lighter clothes to avoid sweating. If night sweats are inevitable it may help to sleep on a towel to prevent excess moisture on your bed and body. Don’t be afraid to speak to friends or your physician regarding your everyday symptoms. Doctors might be able to prescribe some medical treatments to help treat lots of the menopausal symptoms including night sweats and dryness in the vaginal region. There’s also help for the mood swings and weight gain.

Mood swings might happen as a result of the fact that all of the changes are occurring and hormone levels are fluxuating through the day. In terms of weight gain, exercise is vital. Try increasing your daily quantity of exercise by 20-minutes to help offset symptoms. It sounds like lots of extra time but recall exercise does not need to take place at a gym. It can be performed anywhere, in most cases simply walking further and more throughout your daily activities will meet the objective.

Libido factor

There are pills to help improve your libido also. Although, plenty of women do experience a decrease sex drive due to their dry experience. There are many different lubricating gels on the market (even for people who have sensitive skin) that may be used. These are secure during sex and assist the girl to have no discomfort or dryness during intercourse. Many department stores carry these dyes.

But a great deal of women prefer purchasing them online since it can be an embarrassing experience for many. There are prescription gels you can ask your doctor about. These are especially for menopausal women. If you find you can’t afford the prescription, a few areas have help paying for them and sometimes you might be able to get them cheaper in various places so be certain to check around.