What Is Candida Albicans?

Candida auris fungi, emerging multidrug resistant fungus, 3D illustration

Candida albicans is a yeast overgrowth that begins from the intestines then spreads into other regions of the body. In a balanced intestinal condition, the good bacteria, Acidophilus, in our gut would restrain the yeast but if there’s improper balance, the yeast runs buckwild and out of control.


The most frequent cause of an improper balance of good and bad bacteria in the intestinal tract is antibiotics. Antibiotics kill and destroy all bacteria- the damaging AND the friendly. The more one is under an antibiotic regimen, the more this equilibrium is disrupted. This is an open invitation to get a yeast infection.

Who needs candida remedies? Candida treatments are most common among girls, but millions of men each year seek treatment remedies for their conditions. Candida is often the source of a range of health conditions that cause many number of misdiagnosed people to find out diabetes therapies, depression treatments, anxiety remedies, even cellulite remedies. However, these are often only symptoms of a much larger, underlying problem.


Yeast is literally a monster that slowly destroys the body- masquerading as many ailments. About 80% of the American population has a yeast problem which they’re unaware of. A candida treatment could save yourself plenty of unnecessary treatments simply by cutting out the middleman and going right to the source of the problem- yeast infection. Dr. Carolyn Dean reports that yeast creates 180 unique toxins in the body that are responsible for weight gain, headaches, insomnia, anxiety and depression, mood swings, and hormonal imbalance.

Yeast is directly associated with weight gain particularly in girls. In a bid to dilute all of the yeast toxins, the body retains fluid and saturates the cells. This leads to cellulite and puffiness. A candida treatment ought to be considered prior to a cellulite therapy or a cool program to loose weight. Our immune system is designed to form antibodies against germs and toxins in our body. How an autoimmune disease comes about is that these antibodies inadvertently attack normal body cells in the process of combating the yeast toxins. The yeast toxins saturate and hide in these cells making them get caught in the crossfire, so to speak.

Final note

A candida therapy is a regimen that has to be followed and maintained to work. Don’t expect candida treatments to imply popping a few pills and being cured. It’s not like that. Provided that there’s an acidic environment in the body for the yeast to flourish on, it sticks around like an unwanted houseguest. The ideal adjunct to a candida remedy is a dietary change- one that excludes all of the yeast favorites like a high carb diet, sugar, white flour, alcohol, wheat, and all dairy products. If you wish to eliminate a yeast infection, you stop feeding it! The very best candida remedies employ a holistic approach to relieving the problem.