What Do I Need For That Night Out With My Girls?

    Most of us have our busy lives where we are constantly running around to get things done, be it our jobs or relationships. But once in a while we like to give ourselves a breather and just relax and catch up with our girlfriends that normally turns into one hell of a night out.

    Keep in mind

    As we determine the place and time to meet up and unwind, one idea that traces our heads is what exactly are we gont wear. As always we are here to help you resolve that problem depending on the place of your celebration. House parties as generally casual with only a whole lot of friends hanging around, eating and catching up at one of your locations.

    If that’s a situation you can wear whatever you like from a jeans and tee shirt combo to a comfortable slip on dress. If it’s a more of an organized event with more people and more elegance, then pair your outfit up with heels or beaded clutches and jewelry, as you create your women proud in those traditional jeans, white tee shirt and a studded jacket to cling this up.


    Well a dive bar is essentially a chill hangout place that you always wind up going to with great, in budget booze, enjoyable food and the fantastic music and karaoke add-on. This is a place you see virtually every time so you’ve given up on glamming up for this location. So that you take on the slouchy appearance of loose t-shirts, your favorite comfy jeans and shoes. You don’t need to run into somebody in the audience and get drinks all over your expensive shoes or clothes so keep it simple.

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    Add a designer ring to generate a bling statement or any announcement necklaces. As this place is a neighborhood bar generally nobody actually cares about what you wear and following a week of getting ready in the best outfit, you only need to be comfortable and give yourself a rest from all of the dressing up.

    This is a place not all people go too and we may just never go if it’s an all women group, because frankly not all people care about sports. The only reason we wind up there is if there’s a significant game and one of us is a fan and we would like to encourage her love for her staff or we only want to take a look at the audience (if you know what I mean).

    Girls’ night outs

    These are mad and anything could happen, if you wish to be around some really pumped up individuals and drink a whole lot of beer then this is your location. If you wish to fit in then set up a jersey with jeans or shorts and include a studded jacket for the bling. You may add designer rings that produce a blingy statement and grabs the attention. Carry a coat, just in case you wind up wearing the rival team’s jersey and have a possibility of being booed out, simply hide it using the studded varsity jacket.

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    If you have opted to go clubbing then now is the time to jazz up that outfit, take out that flaunting sequined dress and your heels are you get ready to rock that club. Pair it with a beaded clutch as you take your essentials in style. Clubbing means loud music, blingy men and women, dancing and loads of drinking and therefore don’t wear something that’s uncomfortable or too clingy since it will cause you to sweat very fast. If possible keep a change of clothes and a pair of apartments from the car so that by the time you’re finished, your body and feet do not cry.


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