What Are The Worst Case Scenarios About Women Safety?

    Being a woman in the 21st Century has many perks that she did not has at any other points in history. But one place where women have always been vulnerable is in the field of self defense. The cause of this is that too many women failed to realize how important it was to be self sufficient during changing times, and thus they relied too much on another to shield them from the dangers of the world.

    Did you know?

    In the latter half of the 20th Century, but this mindset began to change, and women realized that to fully embrace the liberty they so wanted, they needed to learn how to look after themselves in the worst of scenarios. Today it’s highly important for all women to learn about personal security. You never expect these worst case scenarios arise, but if they do, it is better to know you’ve got the training to escape.

    Lone attackers don’t often target women, that are powerful and independent since these women rarely if ever make themselves victims of chance. So many attackers are too cowardly to accost these girls. They would rather await the more vulnerable ones, and then proceed with an attack. The important thing is not to give the attacker a chance, but no one, not even men, can be invulnerable 24/7.

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    Let’s see…

    If you discover yourself in the crosshairs of a lone attacker, it’s important to not forget that he, too, has exposed areas on his body – specifically, the nose and the groin. A well placed kick or punch to either place may offer you the freedom you will need to escape. And escape is so important, as you don’t need to take any chances. You should be mindful of your choices in the event of the numerous attackers scenario.

    For a number of attackers, self defense may often feel like a chess game. If you’re confronted by multiple attackers, you might want to stay clam before an opening presents itself. Learn how to gauge the quantity of aggression which you put forth, and understand that there isn’t any situation that does not have its chances for escape. If you’re in a small confined area surrounded by others, that are unaware of what’s happening, then create as much noise as possible.

    Final note

    Even if you’re isolated, do not discount how successful noise could be in getting the help you require. But also remember that numerous attackers have the same flaws as single attackers. You might need to divide and conquer. But in case you’re able to get free, it may mean the difference between a positive and negative consequence. Realize that you don’t need to become a victim, and such situations might never occur to you. But it’s advisable to be prepared for the worst case situations.


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