What Are Misconceptions About Headaches?

Young woman touching her temples and having strong tension headache. Cluster headache. Female suffering from migraine, stress, hangover with red alert accent. Hands on head. High quality photo

Over-The-Counter Medicines Treat Your Headache. It is not right that drug companies hide the fact that the headache relief drugs they sell don’t target the actual cause of your headaches. These pills mask your headache by causing your brain to stop feeling your headaches. Your headache will return after the pills have worn off. The pain you feel after a rotator cuff tear and you take pills to relieve the pain, it might even be worse.

Let’s understand it

Your headaches should disappear if these medications were effective in treating the root cause. They don’t. These headache meds mask your symptoms. Your headaches are not caused by anything. That’s why you continue to suffer.

Headache medication can’t harm you One thing headache sufferers don’t know is that these drugs are not always safe. Many side effects can be worse than the headaches that you are trying to get rid of for four hours. The way these pills make it impossible to feel headaches is by affecting a small hormone in your body. This hormone acts as a messenger to your mind. Our bodies, being highly tuned machines, have figured out how these hormones can be used for multiple jobs. If you stop a hormone from performing a single job, it will not perform all of your other jobs. This can cause all kinds of problems. There are many possible outcomes. You could get a minor rash or even sudden liver failure. Even aspirin has been linked with hemorhagic strokes in unknowing users. Also, medications rarely increase your body’s ability respond to stress in a healthy way. They also decrease your body’s natural ability fight disease.

Stress Factor

Stress can cause headaches. Stress is a normal part of life. Did you know that “only the strong survive” is the same as “survival by the fittest?” How your body adapts to stress will determine how stress affects your health and how you feel. In a moment, I will show you how to increase your body’s adaptability to stress. You wouldn’t be reading this article if you didn’t have headaches. Please, do not let your headaches get the best of you. M.D. M.D. Expecting a different approach by your doctor will only lead you to disappointment. This is why I wrote this report: to help headache sufferers such as you. If your doctor fails to treat you, you will likely get stronger medication or, in extreme cases, surgery. While I believe that surgery is sometimes necessary, there are natural options that can be used to treat headaches. If you want great results with minimal risk, it makes sense to first try natural solutions.

Pain Location

Your problem is always where your pain is. Your problem is always where your pain is. People with a disc problem in the lower back often feel pain, numbness or weakness in their legs even though there is nothing wrong with their legs. A “Cervicogenic” headache is one of the most common causes for headaches that does not originate in the head. Dr. Peter Rothbart You may have a “cervicogenic headache”