What Are Less Common Yeast Infection Treatments?

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You can take complete control of your body with over-the-counter remedies. You don’t have to rely on doctors for all things. Home remedies are often simpler and cheaper than using healthcare treatment options. Many of these treatments depend on compounds that you can grow yourself. However, if your yeast infection seems invulnerable, it might be worth looking into the most effective antifungal on the market.

Tea Tree Oil

It is widely used in Italy to treat yeast infections. It is used by women to coat the top of a tampon with a lubricant, then add a few drops of 100 percent pure tea tree oil to the vagina. The lubricant prevents tea tree oil from being absorbed by the tampon. It is possible for the procedure to cause pain if it touches the vulva. Therefore, it is recommended that you use an applicator-type of tampon.

Boric Acid

It is another option to treat yeast infection. You can buy a few 00 capsules at your local drugstore or organic food shop that contain boric acid for suppositories. These capsules will be liquefied by the heat and dampness in your vagina. For a week, place two capsules stuffed full of boric acid (about six hundred mg total) into your vaginal canal. This remedy can be used to treat severe or ongoing yeast infections. In the beginning, you may feel a slight burning sensation or discomfort. You may also experience large amounts of vaginal discharge. If the burning continues, stop the treatment.

Potassium Sorbate

It is often used in beer brewing to stop the yeast from growing at the right time. You can make a 3% solution using 1 tablespoon potassium sorbate in a cup water. Next, soak a cotton pad in the solution. Place it in your vagina at night. Then, take it off the next morning. Continue this procedure for several more days until the symptoms disappear completely.

Gentian Violet

It Is a traditional treatment for yeast infections and other infections. This was long before modern antifungals were available. For several days, you can use it by swabbing it around the vulvae and inside the vaginal region a few times per day. Wear dark clothing and heavy pads. Gentian violet is a bright purple color that stains everything it touches. This product is not available in many European Union countries. There are also women who are allergic to it.


Because of the chemicals in the berries that prevent harmful bacteria adhering to the walls of the urinary tract, many people use Cranberries to treat their urinary tract infections. The pH of your urine will be decreased by using Cranberries. This is beneficial in fighting yeast infections. It is a gentle treatment that can be used if you suspect you have a yeast infection. However, you can also use it in combination with other treatments for severe yeast infections.