What About Women Who Ride Motorcycles?

    I just returned from a three-day motorcycle road trip, during which I noticed a surprising number of women cyclists. I saw them I snapped, some with husbands and boyfriends, and many others in mixed sex groups.

    Good to know

    I recently read that ten percent of all new bikes are bought by women, but really seeing those girls on the street, and speaking with them in the end of a long day riding is a new experience for me. Their descriptions of the day’s journey seem exactly like the way guys share their day’s experience. What’s not surprising is that girls are enjoying the sport of motorcycling as much, if not more, than men.

    In actuality, I can not think of any sport besides football in which women do not participate. Motorcycle manufacturers are waking up to a completely new audience and are creating bikes now that fit girls. I saw several girls riding Ducati Monsters, a sexy, Italian bicycle that works well for shorter girls who need to be able to plant both feet on the ground when stopped at a light.

    Let’s see…

    Other producers will follow suit now that its apparent women will develop into a proportionately bigger portion of their motorcycle buying public. Women are registering for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s nationally courses, and absent an overabundance of testosterone, women will probably prove to be superior riders that don’t have anything to prove. I’ve noticed that girls, generally speaking, ride with the exact same skill level as men, or even better.

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    I spoke with several girls at the end of the day in a motel where it appeared every bicycle rider in Northern California was staying. It was in Humboldt County, which is three hours north of San Francisco. But some girls were from much further away. Their stories about their bicycles sounded exactly like my stories that I’ve shared heaps of times with different riders I’ve met on the street.

    Take into account

    The first time I ever saw a girl rider was ten years back, and I need to admit I thought she was incredibly hot. She was wearing a full-face helmet and leathers, hiding her face and body entirely, so it was the picture that was beautiful. Seeing a girl with her hair flying behind her, leaning into the curves, was distracting at first. It was also incredibly sensual watching a woman astride a strong engine, being responsible for her ride. I do not mean this in a demeaning or chauvinistic way in any respect.

    I just love how lovely a woman looks riding later on. Perhaps women feel similarly about guys who ride. I expect more husbands and boyfriends will encourage the women in their lives to take part in what was formerly a man only game. The more women who share this adventure, the more cyclists will be on the street. And, the more riders, the more conscious the driving public will end up seeing being watchful for bikes. It’s a terrific hobby a guy and a woman can share.

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    Final note

    Traveling on two bicycles is much different from riding on the back of a guy’s bike. The experience is visceral and involves all of the senses. The guys I’ve spoken with whose girls ride together are thrilled to have them share their passion. Also, the quality of the ride is exceptional if not carrying a passenger. It’s just more fun riding solo. I’ll be looking for more girls on the street, and I guess that by the time I stop riding, hopefully not for several years, that the amount of women riders will approximate the amount of male riders. It’s a game we can all share and enjoy. What I’ve also noticed is that only women who ride are very common. Men fall over each other in their desire to converse with these women. Not a bad way to meet a man either. At a minimum, there is a shared passion. Welcome to motorcycling. It’s a true joy to have you join us.


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