What About The Progression Of Women?

    Hatred is a soul, capable of wickedness beyond repentance. Slavery, historically was common among ancient people and called an’established establishment’ that can be traced back to the Mesopotamian Code of Hammurabi (c. Before the Civil War (1861-1865), slaves and indentured servants, their descendants included, were considered private property and may be sold or inherited in the will of the slave masters.

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    Like other resources, human chattel was governed primarily by laws of individual nations. At large slavery was initially implemented in America in the year, 1619 during which many African’s were apprehended from Africa and transported to Jamestown, Virginia. And while America prides itself in all men being created equal, the black guy was by no means, considered a guy in the exact terms as a white guy. In accordance with those laws, black folks were “persons incapable of making satisfaction by inclusion of time”. Thus, the legislation wasn’t written with blacks in mind, and it didn’t apply to blacks since the black guy enslaved or otherwise, had no rights in America.

    The idea of slavery for free labour was initiated in the hands of the Portuguese who saw Africans as a solution to the issue of required labor on sugar cane plantations. The Spanish adopted similar African slave systems in the Caribbean colonies, and the British followed in Barbados and Jamaica. North America jumped on the band wagon seeing the importance of buying cheap African slaves.

    African Americans

    They became a lifeline to economic development. 150 years after the Portuguese purchased the slaves on the African shore, a million Africans were hauled on European boats to plantations across the America’s. So, it’s evident; it has always been about profit, about money and mind control through fear and punishment by any means necessary to apply a system which deprived blacks of any high quality life. Over time, as bigger ships availed, African’s was the labour force of reward. And because the legislation did not admit blacks, such legislation had no concern nor desire to protect the very people that turned gas, cotton, tobacco and outside, into extraordinary prosperity.

    The slave population grew bigger as the demand for slaves increased notably from the cotton and tobacco plantations. This brought the fear of uprisings and slave resistance. To be sure that the slaves would not resist, white guys formed organized groups to apply discipline and track the black slaves from the southern countries. The individuals who formed these groups were picked from the local militia, by captains of militia districts.

    One can imagine the value of restraining the enslaved to defend the interest of the slave masters and that also was done using the law or an organized policing system, which was law. The organization of those watchmen was established in the South in 1704.

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    Patrollers were the expression used to refer to people who tracked the slaves. Their purpose was to form river patrols to prevent escape by ship and to police the slaves that comprised the obedient, wayward, runaways and rebellious. With the corporate interest of people who spent, between the 17th and 18th century, African-American slaves helped in building the financial strongholds of the new country, justifying the fundamental significance of slavery which was legislation, for no personal benefit other than to live long enough to die old.

    Not everyone agreed that slavery was only and from the 19th century there was a festering abolition movement along with America’s westward expansion that instigated an upheaval over slavery. During this period, the North and South had various issues that separated themhowever, the dilemma of slavery inflamed the passions of both sides. This revolt split the nation which caused the Civil War. While the Emancipation Proclamation didn’t free even 1 slave, it was a significant turning point in the war, transforming the struggle to conserve the nation into a struggle for human liberty.

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    Eventually, 4 million slaves were freed. Fast forwarding in time we find that common law was implemented in England and later in america. Though prior to the birthing of the common law, other systems of law originated as mentioned in previous paragraphs, they were finally succumbed to the statues within the common law in accordance with the USA. The source of law within the U.S. Kings Court later forming several viable ethics by which they continue to stand upon now.

    Following the American Revolution together with the federal authorities, each state within the USA adopted this common law. Policy development in america closely adopted policy development in England. Policing took two forms in the early colonies. The watch system was symbolized by a community volunteers whose chief duty was to sound the alarm when danger presented. A night watch premiered in Boston during 1636, another in New York in 1658 and then Philadelphia at 1700. The night watch wasn’t a very effective approach to controlling crime.


    They were either volunteers or people who have been ordered to duty as a way of punishment or people evading military mission. Thus, most weren’t interested or passionate about doing the job and were often lackadaisical. Many often slept or drank while on watch. This paper purposes to indicate how a continuum of corruption in the legal system or one of the powers that be rather political, legal, social or otherwise, not only poses a threat to black America at large but to the black girls generally, her picture of her life outcome despite her socioeconomic status.

    While this issue has affected blacks in and out of America, countless white Americans and overseas have been scarred and ruined from the presence of ancient legislation in support of violence, disfigurement, murder, and molestation from the black race from slavery as well as the state of liberty disregarded by racism, hatred and bias expressed through modern day police brutality. And importantly, I will draw from the life and adventures of Sarah Baartman to narrow this dialogue and memorialize her life.

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    She was born in the 1770’s, and her passing was on December 29, 1815. Her exact age of death is, therefore, unknown but theorized between 25 and 39 years old. Let us ponder the way the law notionally played a part in her life outcomes, in addition to the passing of Sarah Baartman, a young, native Khoisan servant that was taken from South Africa and sent to Europe under false pretense. It’s necessary to add that Sarah gained increasing popularity because of her surprisingly large buttocks, little waist big breast, and full lips.

    Due to the enormity of her body and genitalia, she had been surmised as only an anomaly exhibited in the nude for all to actively grope and condemn. She was the’paradoxical freak’ of race and sexuality, both crude and sexy (Crais, Scully, 2011). Considering the circumstance, I can not help but wonder, what about her spirit.

    The cosmetic industry

    It is increasingly being fattened in the explosion of customer needs in the cosmetic world. Products and processes that promise to provide honest or deepened skin, ginormous boobs and butts, abruptly long hair, in addition to lip shots to have lips seeming plump and complete are on peak of the list for a lot of girls to number. It seems to be the century for self-hate and have it your way.

    My argument is that the underlining problem began with hate. Hate inwardly and outwardly since it requires hate to set up and fuel hate. There’s no God in love. The bible teaches us that God isn’t present in the midst of confusion. The lack of God, delivers the existence of evil. Evil tormented a large number of spirits and it does so today. Today many may agree that the bemused and unconsciousness of Sara Baartman are available in extreme changes our girls thirst for. Sarah had no option, we do, however we exploit ourselves creating her horrible death a mockery. Its established that people model themselves after their favorite actors. Sadly, this enslavement haunts a number of the most famed celebrities.

    Keep in  mind

    In conclusion with this understanding, and through self-observation and honesty, the behavioral progression and outcome of women of colour in addition to men of colour, can no longer be bound into the gripping effects of coordinated witchcraft and legalized violence exercised against them. With confidence, it’s not impossible for suppressed people to rise above the strongholds that condemned their right to holistic, peace, happiness and self-realization.

    It won’t be a simple quest and it certainly can’t birth overcomers operating from an unconscious framework. One must want illumination avoiding rejection of truth even if it disturbs comfort zones. It would be pure folly to indicate ease of change in light of, deeply embedded moving components. Admittedly, while I’m to enable, mere words frequently frustrate me, because they frequently over simplify matters intense in character. But words that do have, the power of life and death.

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    Applicable to all life issues. Being powerful does not call for illegal actions or returning evil for evil. Just like being beautiful isn’t something that you can achieve by individuals satisfying. Beauty is a knowing and a manifestation of something much deeper than fads that expire over time. We must all ask of ourselves why we believe as we do and challenge ourselves to think on a higher critical scale. The worthiness of humanity hasn’t been implanted in their picture but in the heart that’s the driving force that ignites world change and the step by which his manufacturer surmises his life’s significance.


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