What About The Indian Women Safety?

    I’ll have a somewhat controversial stance in this post. Whenever we assume way too, it results in a failure in communication also to a lot of misunderstanding. And the truth that men are let’s assume that Indian women have remained exactly the same and so are still ready to accept patriarchal diktats.

    And who’s winning?

    I believe it is time to get realistic. Also to accept that little has changed actually. Yes, that is me. As much men have confidence in empowering women just, as much women exist that take delight in being dependent, THEREFORE I believe that it is time to take stock of where we have been, where regressive men should be prevented, for legal reasons, until then, women have to be concerned because of their own safety.

    According to the police to achieve that for you isn’t realistic.So until we are able to develop a kinder, let’s take responsibility for the own safety. A wise guideline I heard is, unless you desire to slip, don’t head to slippery places. Don’t assume that men will undoubtedly be protectors.

      How Are Women Rising In A Male Driven Society?

    Make enough space for the chance there are predators everywhere, in our homes even. And continue steadily to campaign for stronger laws, being empowered will not imply that you venture out and tempt fate or that you do things no-one within their right mind would do merely to prove a spot. Neither am I attempting to excuse those that attack women.


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