Що викликає мігрень?

    Migraine Triggers: What Causes Migraines? Migraines affect more Americans than ever before. More than 30 million Americans suffer from migraines. Migraines are throbbing headaches that occur on one side of your head. Every person with migraines has their own triggers. Is there a healthy way to get rid of migraines? You would know how to eliminate migraines permanently, not just treat the symptoms. A headache is a body’s way of telling us something is wrong.


    Either we have the flu, or the weather has changed so that our sinuses and allergies are affected. What can we do if we feel throbbing? How do we handle it? What can we do? Do we run to the doctor for help? We blamed our parents when we were younger. But in this instance, it might be true. Chances are that you will suffer from migraines if your parent has them.

    My mother suffered from migraines when I was growing up. She spent most of her time in her darkroom because it was the only place she could see. Children had to be quiet throughout childhood. The times have changed and you no longer have to suffer. This is what your doctor won’t tell you. Do not try to hide the problem. Get rid of them.

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    Healthy Living

    For your health and well-being, stand up for healthy living. Is food getting you sick? Did you know that certain foods can cause allergies, which can then cause headaches? You may have heard to avoid your triggers. You might be thinking, “Easy said than done.” What are the triggers? Chocolate, Cheese, Caffeine, – Stress – Alcohol – Weather are just a few of the triggers that I use.

    Everything I did was about chocolate, and it got even more intense when I was going through my menstrual cycle. I craved chocolate like it was the last thing on Earth. I felt so sick after eating chocolate, but I didn’t combine two-two until later. Stress? Stress is something that everyone has. Are you a parent? Are you going to school? Are you a single parent? Did you lose someone you loved? Are you going to get married? You may have heard someone say, “Just relax.”


    It’s great to hear, but why not relax with your family and friends? It doesn’t change the fact you are busy or have a long list of things to do. You lead busy lives. Things need to be done. Do you like to eat or drink? Next, do you turn to your favorite food like alcohol? I would go home from work, have a glass of wine, and then the next morning I would wake up with a migraine. You are in pain. This is the bottom line. You finally find a doctor that prescribes medicine. Some doctors aren’t listening to you.

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