Finns det effektiva huskurer för bihåleinflammation?

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Natural remedies for sinus infection are an alternative treatment that you can do at home. These remedies are popular because they have less side effects than medical treatments. Sinus infections can affect the entire body. As you probably know, if medical treatment is not done properly, it can lead to worsening of your overall health.

Visste du det?

Millions of Americans are affected by sinus infections every year. However, many people still don’t know what to do about it. Sinus infection is basically an infection of the nasal air passages and sinuses. It attacks the eyes, cheeks, and nose. Sinusitis, also known as allergy or sinusitis, is caused by cold, allergies, nasal polyps and nasal polyps. It can also be caused by bacterial infection, abnormal growth, or cold.

A defective immune system can also cause recurring sinus infections. Recurrent sinus infections can also be caused by immune system deficiencies. These natural remedies for sinus infections are amazing and can really help.

Neti Pot

This is one of the best natural treatments for severe sinus infection. The neti pot is filled with warm saline solution. Next, place the tip of the pot in one nostril. Next, tilt your head slightly and let the solution flow into the nasal cavities. You can flush out allergens, mucous, and other irritants by doing this. It will also moisturize your sinuses.

The Neti pots are a product of India, where they have been used for centuries to clear infected sinuses. The term “Jala neti” is a term used to refer to an ancient cleansing method that literally means “water cleansing”. To treat your sinus infection, you can also add eucalyptus to your humidifier every night. Even if you don’t get sinus infections often, having a netipot on hand is crucial for treating a stuffy nose.


This is a popular natural remedy for sinus infections. It thins your mucous and controls colds and runny nasal passages. Two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar mixed with one teaspoon local honey daily. Although it doesn’t taste great, it has prevented further sinus infections.

Golden Seal Extract

This is one of the best natural remedies for sinus infections. Long-term sinus infections are often the result of a weak immune system. Herbal experts recommend golden seal extract as a valuable herb to boost immunity. Goldenseal is also known to reduce mucus congestion. The antibiotic properties of golden seal can help to rid the body from infection.

The goldenseal root is a strong astringent and coolant. It comes in powder capsule form. Make a tincture of 1 ml, or take one or two 200mg capsules. This can be used three times daily.


This natural remedy for sinus infection is both an antibacterial and antimicrobial. It is great for sinus problems and will boost your immune system.