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    Faktor prenosu imunitného systému?

    Our immune systems rely, first of all, on data. This is where the transport factor comes into play. Transfer factors are just data-carrying particles. They’re nature’s way of maintaining your immune system equally well-informed in addition to ready to respond. Transfer Factor finally work to educate your immune system so that it can better monitor which specific germs you’ve encountered previously and the way your body can better handle them later on.

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    This “history” of germ-fighting success helps your immune system to react with superior agility to every new crises. All this works because when our bodies have diseased cells or other infectious agents, natural killer cells or NK are important immune cells that provide a crucial first defense against them. Once activated, these NK cells respond in two ways: first they secrete chemical messenger proteins that regulate emerging immune cell responses. Second, they become potent killers of infected cells.

    Transfer Factor

    It can increase immune function by a proven 283%. This formulation works overtime to restore the body’s natural state of equilibrium. When new health risks enter our system, it offers the immune knowledge to educate these naive immune cells, preparing your body to become its natural healthy best. Transfer Factor can enhance your immune system so substantially since it propels Natural Killer cells action to 437% above it’s normal immune reaction. By helping your immune system act quickly to stop the bacteria multiplication procedure, the strain to your immune system working is thus reduced to a mere fraction of what it might have been otherwise.

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    Fundamentally, once you’re blessed with this sort of powerful immune system, bacteria just doesn’t have much of an opportunity to begin spreading initially, thereby nipping the problem in the bud, so to speak. The most important thing is that transfer factor is an remarkable discovery that was initially made in 1949 by one Dr. H. Sherwood Lawrence while he was studying tuberculosis. It’s merely a very small molecule in white blood cells, a communication molecule that helps to alert immune system cells into what they need to do. It had been discovered that Transfer Factor considerably reduces energy flows on your body from inside by heightening the ability of your immune system to deal with these unwanted leaks.



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