Should You Use A Taser Gun?

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Your safety is among the most important things you shouldn’t take for granted since this entails your lifetime. This is the reason you need to think about using a self-defense apparatus, a taser gun specifically. You can absolutely use this specific device to save yourself from an attacker.


A taser is one of the weapons that are thought of as less than deadly or weapons which aren’t meant to take somebody else’s life. From the name itself, this gun-like weapon is produced by Taser International and it utilizes electric charge to immobilize or incapacitate an individual. But besides personal use, this specific device is also being used by the army men and women, police officers and other law enforcement officers because of its effectiveness.

Here are some reason why this unit is gaining so much popularity. Firearms or real guns are known to be quite helpful in keeping yourself protected and safe from the bad men and women. But as soon as you pull the trigger of a wealthy real gun, there’s an excellent likelihood that your goal may die with only 1 bullet.

Good to know

Good thing you have another choice to think about, a non-lethal alternative – a taser gun. With this, you aren’t going to hurt an individual. It is possible to make the attacker temporarily disabled, incapacitated or immobilized for a few minutes but you’re causing him permanent harm/damage. And needless to say, because this unit isn’t a real gun, you won’t need to go through the process of obtaining the required permits and licenses so as to carry the apparatus. Just be certain that using the device isn’t illegal in your place.

The size of this unit is another factor why an increasing number of people consider it as a excellent option for private protection. The normal taser guns are already small and are extremely easy to conceal. If you would like something bigger, then you can have a look into mini-tasers.

Mini Tasers

These are comparatively smaller than the normal ones but this doesn’t make the apparatus any less effective. There are even the ones that have additional features like a flashlight that’s also helpful. So if you’re walking into a dark alley, you can take advantage of the flashlight or if there isn’t any power. And needless to say, unlike the regular stun guns, a taser can be used even in the event that you don’t have a direct contact with the attacker.

The unit is effective even if you’re two or three feet away from the goal and even if he’s wearing very thick clothing. So when the attacker is going to approach you, then you can quickly hit him with the metal prongs and you can escape for support.

Final note

If your problem is all about using the device, then it is not really a huge problem whatsoever because using the device doesn’t need you to be a genius. You don’t have to go through a really detailed and time-consuming training merely to understand how to use or operate the apparatus. This may no longer be mandatory. You simply need to know how the system works and then you can research on how to use the apparatus. You can just read the instructions which come with the device or seek some help from the professionals.